The UNP has it's sights set on wrong targets.

By Nandimitra for LankaWeb

At a time when National Unity is imperative the UNP has commenced once again its Anti-Government campaigning with the President,Leaders of the Judiciary, Prime Minister and the General Administration as prime targets. Sights set on wrong targets!

The word 'Impeachment' ominous as it sounds seems to have been taken out of context as well as out of definition as it is not upto the Opposition to 'impeach' the President.On the contrary, it is a Parlimentary Process which needs to be ratified by both Houses of Parliment in the event of the President being guilty of an indictable offence and the instigators of this call for 'impeachment'of a rhetorical nature should be well advised to call a halt to their 'high flown slogans'based on pure conjecture for the simple reason that the President's credibility is beyond any semblance of doubt by the Nationally and Internationally accepted norms with which she conducts her responsibilities in a highly dignified and credible manner to which a great proportion of World Leaders who hold her in very high esteem attest.

Synonymous with this comes the interesting outcries against the leading Adjudicator of the country the Hon.Chief Justice Mr. Sarath Silva and Prime Minister The Hon.Mr. Ratnasiri Wickremanayake and others aginst whom the UNP seems to be focussed in a relentless pursuit of harrassment rather than justice and the sooner they realise that it is detrimental to the development of the country and its unity, the better it will be.

Unfortunately this is a legacy of the feudal political system Sri Lanka has known for generations, and a sad legacy which has its roots in the Colonial past and even earlier.Theoretically the word opposition means an opposing force but given the situation in the country today, would it not be a magnanimous gesture if the UNP decided to lay aside their differences and contribute towards the well being of Sri Lanka rather than create hurdles in the face of the real opposition, those dangerous forces on the other side of the ethnic divide waiting like a pack of hyenas to ravage on the spoils of ethnically and politically divided anti and pro government factions which presently it is hoped do not exist except in some small measure.

Presently there is a huge demand to proscribe and outlaw the LTTE in Great Britain and other countries where they have their operations overseas and curiously enough, the UNP have never voiced their support in favour of this demand as an exception to a vast majority of World Leaders and International Organizations for reasons best known to themselves but leaves little to the imagination!!.Would it not be time well spent, and about time, if their support was extended to the leadership of the Sri Lankan Administration rather than create pitfalls which leave their image in rather poor light.After all can they not align themselves as a caring part of the Sri Lankan mosaic which needs to strengthen itself further to the point where its defences could never be breached? The Motto of one of the greatest Soccer Clubs in the World, Manchester United of England reads: "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" and seems to be an apt motto for consideration.



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