DMK's hypothetical State of Eelam a reply

By Suranimala, JSBI (Jathyanthara Sinha Balavegaya International) for LankaWeb

India 123 reports that the recent manifesto of the DMK (Dravida Munnethra Kasagam) states its support for the establishment of a Separate State for Tamils by the LTTE and are quite blatant about their anticipated speculative State of Eelam ( the only solution in their opinion) well nigh unobtainable in the face of reality.They are even obnoxiously refering to the administration of such a state in the Tamil language while championing the unnattainable cause of the LTTE with cross references to Kachativu Island and the so called plight of the fishermen and their suffering at the hands of the Sri Lankan Forces and veiled threats to regain territory, portraying themselves as an 'all powerful' force whose only power seems to be in their clever usage of the media and freedom of expression, and the 'death fasts' of their leaders.
The DMK by virtue of it being tolerated and cajoled going back to British Tea Plantation days has always been a dilemma to the Administration of Sri Lanka in recent times and continues to be one. In recent times they have made covert attempts to collaborate with the LTTE's desire to infiltrate the Hill Country and fortify their presence through the Plantation workers who are predominantly of South Indian origins and could very well pose a threat to the smooth functioning of the Tea Industry and Tourism, two of the foremost sources of income for Sri Lanka.
Now that their manifesto has been made public unconditionally perhaps it is an eye opener to the Government of Sri Lanka to take remedial measures to ensure that this is another avenue that needs to be reinforced and consolidated against DMK idealogies.
In retrospect it seems as though a need exists for the original Sirimavo-Shastri Pact to be re-instated if it is possible and activated, where the gradual re-patriation of South Indian Workers back to their ethnic homeland might be an effective response to the arrogance of the DMK where the entire labour requirements of the land could be supplemented by legitimate Sons of the Land at the same time providing much needed employment for very deserving individuals.
What the DMK fails to understand is that Sri Lanka is a Sovereign Nation whose sovereignity is recognized Internationally and has Powerful Allies in the Western World very supportive of Her Existence and that She will never be subjugated by intimidation either by the DMK or the LTTE into acceding to their projected visions of a separate state.
Presently it should be noted that the magnanimous ceasefire by the Armed Forces is being treated by the LTTE as an opportunity to regroup and initiate mortar attacks and the laying of landmines and one wonders about the credibility of these so called liberators and the links it may have to the recent statements made by the DMK.


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