Ranil, Tyronne, Unconditional Peace Talks And Russian Roulette!

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A dangerous game of Russian Roulette will be played by the Sri Lankan Government if they enter into unconditional peace talks with the LTTE. Prime Minister Wickremasinghe and Foreign Minister Tyrone Fernando have indicated to the news media that they will be taking on a role which is not only speculative but filled with risks of a backlash of fury from the Nation as well as the interpretation by the LTTE that it would be an opportunity to cash in on the naiveté of a visionless Administration playing into their very hands and trying to be "Goody Two Shoes!".

It has been suggested by experts on terrorism that the recent suicide attacks on the Indian Parliament has the hallmark of the LTTE who have links with the Kashmiri militants and the modus operandi of the attack had distinct similarities with that of the LTTE and what folly is the Government of Sri Lanka planning on indulging in at a time when the Banned, Proscribed and Outlawed Terror Group needs only a single redress which is total elimination.

The manner in which they approach the LTTE rather than the Tamil Community suggests a kind of subjugation and an intimidatory hold the LTTE seem to have on the UNP Government who are already beginning a puppetish dance at the end of a string held by the LTTE. To recede to an aborted and worthless Peace Process in collaboration with Norway seems foolhardy, especially when it was established beyond reasonable doubt that there was a conflict of interest on the part of Norway in a scramble to send home a growing Tamil Refugee Populace( hitherto unpublicised yet researched and found to be plausible ) which was fast becoming a consternation to the Norwegian Government, as well as the pro-LTTE leanings displayed by their mediator Erik 'The Red' Solheim! who was eventually removed from his assignment.

Paradoxically the good work set in place by the Previous Administration and Foreign Minister Kadirgamar would all but be reversed should the UNP continue their suggested stance towards the LTTE who were held in check and in limbo as to their future existence prior to the Elections and the pellucid nuance of differences involving war and peace should the UNP persist in their objective could then result in the significance of what the PA has been saying all along on the lines of a UNP- LTTE collaboration and a betrayal of the Predominantly Sinhala Nation.

The fork tongued rhetoric coming out of the LTTE camp through bulletins of contradiction by way of Prabakharan and Balasingham seem to intensify as a hollow ringing of affirmations in the direction of resignation to the Unitarity of the Nation which they say is now in contradiction to their demands for Eelam and at this stage will settle for a degree of autonomy but hardly convincing as 'the spawns of the devil' who have projected so much suffering and carnage to the Nation's Sinhalese Majority as well as their own Tamil Community ( without a single reference to laying down of arms) are hardly likely to change overnight. Messrer Wickremasinghe and Fernando had better get their act together as their role playing in the issue at hand demands Authority and Decisiveness! not a Namby Pamby Swaying of Indecision in accordance to the terrorist threats which still seem to reverberate occasionally about what they could do and would do.

The personal friendship between the Indian Prime Minister and his Sri Lankan counterpart has been cleverly used to mull the significance of India's original stand towards terrorism whether is has been a ploy of the UNP talking to the media or assumed by the newsacasters and either way it is of no consequence to an Indian Administration now faced with deciphering the reality of LTTE- Kashmiri Militant collaboration and links.

In a world of turbulent clashes between communities and principalities with rank disregard to the Sovereignity of the Democratic Institution, the importance of the drive against Terrorism would be severely compromised if the Sri Lankan Government decides to negotiate unconditionally with the terrorist plaguing the Nation and terrorists who have left behind a trail of devastation which could never justify any leniency and rather than make a mockery of the International Alliance Against Terrorism with utterances such as "We will consider de-proscription and the lifting of imposed bans, etc. etc." they should project their better sense of judgement towards Nation building through National Unity and a reconciliation of the legitimate rights of the people and their needs rather than accession to the the demands of pretentious terrorists who have long since relinquished their rights to representation or recognition.


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