Propaganda Blitzkrieg on whose behalf?

By Suranimala for Lankaweb

Frontline Article Jan.15th Professor.V Sivanarayan's article in Frontline entitled Propaganda Blitzkrieging seems to be propaganda alright and carries a few biased and cleverly veiled aphorisms but in favour of the LTTE to the discerning eye despite the closing comments refering to the "Isolation and Alienation Short of Obliteration of the LTTE' as quoted.

According to the article, the compulsions facing the Tigers and The Government are alike and if an interjection is in order,"Excuse me Sir!" but these compulsions which include the continued laying of Landmines ( The Coward's Defence!},conscription of child soldiers, the acquisition of multi barreled rocket launchers, much much more and an all out bid to buy time at any cost even by 'lying through ones teeth', have nothing in common at all with the compulsions of the Government.

It also refers to a Military Stalemate on the ground when in fact the LTTE are being decimated and are running for cover from a Military Offensive 'Kinihira IV' the likes of which they have never seen before. The Sri Lankan Army it states, is not in a position to inflict a crushing defeat when in fact, that is exactly what is happening at this very moment and hence the devious pleas for a ceasefire and peace initiatives, to buy time.

Continuing with the propaganda,It also refers to Mr. Prabhakaran being saddened by the untold suffering of the Tamil People and its inability to touch the conscience of the World community (no mention of the untold suffering of the Sinhalese and other ethnic communities who are also suffering terribly and needlessly!!)

If this isn't Propaganda and indeed an allout Blitzkrieg to invite sympathies for the LTTE in a subtle manner, one wonders what it may be?

It is fervently hoped that passions and emotions aroused by such obbservations whichs are projected rather than observed will not detract in any way the liberation of a Sovereign Nation from terrorism which now has the backing of a great majority of the International Community.


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