Canada Finalises Bill To Incorporate All Terror Groups As Outlawed.

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Although there is some skepticism about it together with the usual criticism, Canada has indeed finally laid down its policy to outlaw, prosecute, bring to justice and incarcerate "All Terrorist Activities", impound "All Bank Accounts Linked To These Activities" with a view to discontinue terrorist fund raising and has virtually tolled the death knell on all forms of terrorism, through the presentation in Parliament of the Anti Terrorism Bill awaiting ratification in the two Houses. It is expected to carry with ease althought the Hon. Stockwell Day, leader of the Opposition has demanded more specifics about details of who the named groups are. Mr.Stockwell Day has been outspoken and eloquent in his criticism of the Canadian Government's indifference towards terrorism and is a champion of the cause towards eliminating terrorism.

The LTTE have been named in no uncertain terms together with the others in the list, as the ongoing investigations into their activities over the years by law enforcement agencies such as the R.C.M.P (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) the FBI, Interpol, Scotland Yard and many other law enforcement agencies around the world which have uncovered evidence of their fund raising, terror propaganda and even links to Al Quaeda and Asama bin Laden in a notorious network which spans the Globe. The final cogs into the wheels of the discontinuance of the LTTE are being put into place even as the Canadian Prime Minister in an almost reluctant turn of voice has asserted his agreement to the majority opinion that Canada's lax Immigration and Refugee laws have played a key role in inadvertently aiding the propagation of terrorism, though proclaiming Canada's stand towards Freedom of the Individual, how ever that may be construed. According to him Terrorism nevertheless is a Security and Law Enforcement Problem which does not rest on the Government's shoulders, hence the anxieties of those who beleive there is no place for complacency.

The recent article in the National Post of Canada demanding further information on who falls into the category of outlaws as entailed by the Canadian Government's Legislation in the Anti Terrorism Bill proposed by the Hon. Ann McLelland is probably based upon concerns that there may be 'Hedging and Back Peddling' by Canada based on certain involvements by prominent Cabinet Members by participating as honored guests in LTTE Fronted Activities in the past which in recent times have been questioned time and time again in Parliament and cries of "Racism" and "Intimidation" have been raised in response by the guilty parties Mr. Paul Martin and Ms. Maria Minna where justification may be attempted to cover up guilt and hence promote leniency towards the LTTE. Not so according to information from within the House of Commons where Government ranks pressurised by a vehement Opposition led by the Hon. Stockwell Day have unequivocally outlined their objectives which do not exclude the LTTE named as one of the terrorist groups involved in activity within Canada.

But until final ratification, the anxieties will continue, as the past track record of indifference and complacency towards Terrorism by the Canadian Government despite the many warnings sent by External Law enforcers and the US Government specifically lingers in the minds of many.


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