Tamil Guardian Expresses Delusions About Rights To Self-Determination.

Nandimithra For LankaWeb

Preserving the Unitarity of Sri Lanka does not need the sanctimonious advise of the Tamil Guardian nor their averse interpretations of what's good for the Nation coined with the merits of the LTTE's right to exist and their pseudo-benevolence towards achieving some kind of Shangri La in a never never situation. They also seem to have the lopsided inference that supporting the UNP would project the Eelamist dream of a Separate State within Sri Lanka ably backed by the LTTE where the realities of the accusations of UNP collaboration with the LTTE are now being revealed. The benign naivete of both the Tamil Guardian and the UNP are beginning to interface with a misguided air of pure fantasy where the truth is far removed from reality and nothing but a bickering of aspirations, assumptions and pleas to the voting public based on delusions.

It has to be reiterated that the LTTE have been outlawed, denounced for their misdeeds and Proscribed by a greater percentage of the International Community represented by World Leaders, and to ask for de-proscription and suggest mediation with the LTTE would be a contradiction of World Opinion and Laid Down Statutes where the consensus is relative to being supportive of terrorism at the risk of being ridiculed by the powers currently engaged in a relentless fight against terrorism. Sri Lanka has every right to be a part of the Alliance Against International Terrorism with no obligations to de-proscribe nor be subjugated through intimidation.

There are no subtleties involved in what the Tamil Guardian and its supportive audience is requesting from the call for a mandate to return the UNP to power, "Let the LTTE have their way, let secession take place and the rest of the Nation look on and be a party to the tearing up of the Nation " as opposed to one of National Concern, Projected Nation Building and the Consolidation of the Economy heralded by the PA, JVP, Sihala Urumaya and other Patriotic sons and daughters of Sri Lanka who firmly believe in the paramount importance of a Sovereign Unitary State.

It is apathetic that greed and the hunger for power, blinds and pre-empts love of country and the well being of the nation and all the more reason that the factions dabbling with the dangerous approaches to anarchy and betrayal should be quashed into being ineffective in all their ideologies regardless of their continued preaching about the weak state of the economy and other negative factors outlined in their manifesto as their continued self affirmations are meaningless as they proclaim a path of tolerance and collaboration with the very entities that have brought about the woes of the nation and with whom a handshake could further compound the woes.

This time around the priorities would essentially be, implementing the decree of the World Alliance Against Terrorism within Sri Lanka with no compromises as a safeguarding of the best interests of the majority population who are not about to deliver the Nation into the hands of the evil forces threatening to carve it up, the writing's on the wall and the meaningless rhetoric by the opponents of Democracy, Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity has no basis for continuity.


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