No Concessions To The Ludicurous Demands Of Dissenting Idealogists.

Suranimala- Jathyanthara Sinha Balawegaya For LankaWeb

A clear message to the wishful thinkers: whether through the incapacity to comprehend the semantics of a Unitary State or deliberate pretense to ignorance of the dynamics of the Sovereign Democratic State Of Sri Lanka, whether it be the Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam, the Eelam Peoples Democratic Party or the Tamil Community in total . Under No Circumstances will the Nation be subdivided to pander to their ideological needs or compromised to suit the needs of a minority.

In due course the LTTE will be put down and vanquished ( their demise already signaled by the International Coalition Against Global Terrorism) and the Nation restored to all freedom loving citizens regardless of ethnic origins. It would be far fetched to envision an alternative to the disciplined policies of a renewed PA-JVP alliance, or a Majority PA Administration backed by the JVP and Sihala Urumaya and others who have a single fiber of Nationalism and Patriotism within their hearts.

The torch bearers to the pretentious and undeliverable pledges of the Leader of the Opposition and his incongruous band of followers comprising of fence jumpers and power-hungry turncoats post haste to a few projected surprises will have a few options. The most feasible one being the choice of merging with the mainstream in fullest co-operation towards Nation building and denouncing the corrupt and greedy pretenders so full of deceit in their manifestos and lacking the where with all to govern with no the mandate from the people. Cooked up opinion polls do not constitute a mandate.

Regardless of all attempts to cover up accusations made by the Speaker of the House the President and other astute observers presently getting together a few related pieces of evidence relative to the alleged memorandum of understanding between the UNP and the LTTE surfacing ever so often in recent times, there appear to be sufficient grounds to believe its existence whether directly or indirectly and there have been far too many coincidences where the UNP leader and various subordinates have been surprised in compromising situations though vehemently denied and the latest demands by the EPDP by its sheer tone of arrogance directed at the Government suggests that they are not alone with no inference to the LTTE who are obviously part of their driving force but every plausible connotation which implies the support of the UNP even though superficially their support was once for the PA.

It is hoped that a fortified post election PA-JVP Administration would move rapidly to resolve the many cracks in the Constitutional Infrastructure of Sri Lanka. A prime consideration should be the elimination of splinter group political parties whose bona-fides have never been established and the likelihood of possible terrorist connections which would categorically eliminate the current extraneous interferences of such entities and be a panacea favorable towards the future of the Nation and the well being of its Administration. The most recent epidemic of various ethnicities championed by flyby night political groups demanding their 'pounds of flesh' to which they hardly have an entitlement is pandemic and needs to be given careful consideration towards eradication as the problem is likely to continue for generations to come.

Nothing is furthest from reality, that the Nation Of Sri Lanka would ever be divided on the basis of a few voices of dissentment coming from a few flyby night minority splinter groups requesting secession while leaning towards the LTTE who have been outlawed the World over and have no voice in the matter. A point for all concerned to ponder upon!


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