The UNP Campaign of Unrest has no Justification nor Mandate.

Velusumana JSBI For LankaWeb

What is now turning out to be a highly publicised Media Circus, namely the high antics of the UNP and its supporters, who have neither justification nor a real mandate for their intentions to disrupt the Country, should be nullified rapidly and effectively as otherwise they would set a dangerous precedent for lawlessnes by a non ruling party for the first time in the history of Sri Lankan Politics albeit the minor anti -Government demonstrations encountered by previous Administrations to a lesser degree, which were also dealt with effectively. Should their self-centred demands be acceded to, it could also damage the Country's Economy beyond reprieve.

It should also be borne in mind that any distraction caused by the UNP's threatened program of Civil Unrest could be a pre-meditated one to pave way for their terrorist allies and should this be ascertained beyond reasonable doubt, the ringleaders of this ignominious campaign should be arrested and prosecuted for acts against a Democratic Nation. There can be no chances taken or the security of the Nation and its People be compromised in any way by the political blackmail being attempted by the misguided opposition factions. The JVP must be commended on their wisdom and policy of non-alignment with the planned unrest as they have displayed maturity and decorum in how they have reacted negatively to the actions of the UNP and its allies. This applies also to the Hon. Speaker of the House who has maintained the legality of his role and his responsibilities by not being partisan towards his party but by declaring the limits of his jurisdiction honourably which prevents him from overriding Presidential Authority.

The foolhardiness of this senselessly projected campaign of Civil Unrest becomes more and more apparent with the statements issued by the UNP Leadership that they will postpone and re-commence their demonstrations on a daily basis in case a Curfew is imposed but are they really taking into consideration the credibility and awareness of the majority of the people who want no part of their actions and continue to be supportive of Her Excellency Madam President? who by all the powers vested in her within the Constitution, is carrying out her duties admirably, regardless of the threat to National Security which will probably be met head on! if the need ever arises.

This certainly provides the PA Government with an opportunity to resolve effectively, the menace of unscrupulous, underhand and conniving splinter groups and their conspiracies to override the existing System of Government which has been a hallmark of feudal politics in the country for generations, as they too could be proscribed in the name of Democracy and Public Security and laid to rest for good, which sounds extreme but may turn out to be a necessary evil for an Administration which has come to the end of its tether with very few options, based on the communiqués issued by The Law Enforcement Authorities of the Nation who have sent a clear message to all those who intend to create unrest within the country, and in no uncertain terms.


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