On the Fence JVP Must Climb Down On The Right Side , Not Prevaricate.

Velusumana JSBI for LankaWeb

The JVP having maintained their composure on the right path and their decorum along with it, suddenly seem to be backing down by negotiating with the UNP in rumblings reported about their willingness to collaborate in bringing down the Government and projected support for the No Confidence Motion thereby detracting the momentum they had gained for themselves in the eyes of the Nation. It appears that the false title "Kingmakers" has once again dazzled their ego and' the real spots of the leopard' revealed lurking under a 'sheepskin exterior' , making them opportunists awaiting the right moment to strike.

One moment, it is their unwillingness to get involved with the 'UNP Gimmicks' and next their expressed support towards defeating the Government , so they must be permitted to dream on as in reality they never amounted to much any way. Gone are their principles of righteousness and the charisma they once had in the eyes of the public and with it their chances of being an entity capable of entering mainstream politics in Sri Lanka. They are slowly but surely headed towards a Machiavelian demise sadly together with their new found allies with whom they differ so much in principle and political vision yet intend to collaborate with them, as the end to them, seems to justify the means, but whose end are they looking at?

In my previous despatch, I had adulated the JVP and commended their resolve in wanting no part of the UNP's irresponsible decisions while standing up for their own principles directed at the well being of the Nation but I am inclined to withdraw this adulation and commendations extended to them as they seem to have suddenly digressed from their original stand not to support the UNP according to the latest media reports, which for their sake and sense of well being it is sincerely hoped might be innacurate and untrue.

This is no time for prevaricating on principles which could create or destroy and rather than sitting on the fence of indecision, the JVP should climb down to the right side, that of the PA Government and be recognised as patriotic sons and daughters of this great Nation of Ours while helping to create its future and progress.


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