To Publicise Them Is To inadvertently Promote Their Cause and Existence.

By Suranimala JSBC International for LankaWeb

Interpol, India and the World at Large have condemned them together with most Western Countries yet the headlines publicising them continue in gay abandon.

Indeed they should not be swept under the carpet nor underestimated but the scourge of Sri Lanka, the LTTE should not be given the publicity they crave for such as the new locations of their overseas operations being shifted to the Wanni and their regrouping etc. by doing that, a degree of importance to their existence is being emphasized by the media when they should be downcrying and denouncing it as a degenerate and corrupt entity.

It seems almost a ludicurous irony that statements being made currently to the effect that the the Norwegian Peace Emissary is due to meet the LTTE Supremo in the Wanni soon and that the existing UK and other offices after proscription are meing moved to the Wanni which if true should be an opportunity for the Security Forces to aid Interpol and the Indian Authorities to either search and destroy or apprehend these Nationally and Internationally wanted terrorists.

After all, the Wanni is not as formidable and unassailable as it is made out to be and is square acreage is modest by comparison with the jungles of Vietnam, the Amazon and the Congo,and tracking down these so called LTTE Cadre should not be too imposing a task.Probably merely over exaggerated albeit land mines! One cannot see Mr Solheim trekking through the jungles or Anton Balasingham and Co. transporting their paraphanelia and office equipment using U-Haul Trucks through the forest to reach their Wanni Hideout.

The Less publicity given these perpetrators of infamy the better, and covert, forceful undercover operations devised to clean up and pave the way for the deserving to begin leading their disrupted lives would be the most feasible priority, being the spent force the LTTE are,who need to be flushed out into the open, not with olive branches and carrots but with the authority and jurisdiction the Administration has a right to enforce. To Publicise Them Is To Inadvertently Promote Their Cause!!



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