UNP being supported by the LTTE to topple Government! says The Hindustan Times.

Nandimithra For LankaWeb

It would be interesting to find out the real facts behind the Hindustan Times' latest news item that the LTTE will pressurize the TULF to support the UNP in their attempts to topple the PA Government by reason of the LTTE's dissents against proscription, embargos to the War Zone and affected Tamil populated areas and other demands and does this constitute political blackmail at any cost by an unscrupulous group of politicos already split within their rank and file with dissentments over their own leadership? Or mere baseless innuendos which are nothing more than mere tactics to sway public opinion which may eventually turn against them?.

Logically the chances of such a move succeeding if true is unrealistic as in the case of all 'long shots'! This is a time when all elected Sri Lankan politicians and Political Parties should unite to stabilize the Government's stand against terrorism with the International backing it now has and meet all its opposition with the stiffest possible resistance to overcome the odds which are far from being unsurmountable though ominous looking in theory but nothing more than a 'rumble in the jungles of the Wanni' where it comes from as it is the LTTE who are in a quandry about their projected future and consequently their pundits and analyst are making strategic moves on baseless conjecture in an attempt to avert their eventual demise.

It would seem to be a huge embarrasment to the UNP if they needed to depend on a terrorist group (who incidentally are still continuing their attrocities with rank disregard to human lives and property) being the opposition in Parliament, in order to accomplish their political objectives while contradicting the Mandate of the Majority of Sri Lankans and even think of a move which could project mayhem and disruption to a country which appears to be on the verge of an economic recovery according to World Bank and Overseas Economic Research Statistician's Reports on Developing Nation's and perhaps they should re-think seriously their strategies, in the best interests of Sri Lanka if the reported facts behind this latest News Item by the Hindustan Times is true.The need to stand steadfast as united Sri Lankans is imperative regardless of the negative feedback from such news items and especially in Parliament where it counts.


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