Amnesty International, Magistrates and the Opposition join hands to defy a
Presidential Order.

Velusumana JSBI For LankaWeb

Primarily the first priority the Government has to deal with is maintaining Law and Order within the Land. The President has Executive Powers to execute it and the Opposition to the Presidential Order has chosen to defy it with Civil Unrest thereby creating a "Sine Qua Non" situation for the Government
having to deal with it so what options have they had? Preach 'Ahimsa' on the City Streets hoping the unrest would subside? Perhaps water cannons may have helped but its significant absence indicates that none are available so who dictates whether it is rubber bullets, batons or live ammunition to
quell rioting crowds who knew nothing about peaceful demonstrations?

While it is difficult to condone the deaths and injuries incurred by the demonstrators as an unfortunate fact of reality in such a situation, it is almost impossible for the Law Enforcement Personnel to exercise restraint which they nevertheless did to a great extent under grave provocation, sedition and incitement for which the ringleaders of the Civil Unrest should be brought to justice. Once Mob Rule hits the streets, the Police and Armed Forces have no obligation to use detection equipment to ascertain whether the Mob is lethally armed or not, and once the Loudspeaker Blasts are despatched for them to disperse and defiance continues, it has to be interpreted as a breach of law and what follows is academic! India does not tolerate Her Opposition Mob Violence, Nor does Pakistan, Nor the Soviet Union nor the Balkans, etc. etc. so what is the precedence needed to be set by the Sri Lankan Government?

And what is Amnesty International Talking about? and where are they when they are really needed? Have they made any comments about the Government? Appointed Group of Vigilante Women gunned down by the LTTE in the North? Together with their heinous crimes against civilians which have gone on for decades? It's about time they refrained from continued interference into matters beyond their comprehension nor Jurisdiction and would be better off campaigning to dismantle the covert operations of the LTTE in their own country the UK as a result of which there is still, continued human suffering together with other areas in need.

The Magistrate's Order to arrest the Police Officers accused of firing into the crowd too seems to be tinged with bias as they were carrying out orders to quell Mob Violence and the only persons who need to be investigated and arrested are the Organisers of the Unrest who carry a greater responsibility for the deaths and injuries. Magistrate Jayasena appears to have been coerced by the UNP in protest and her order falls short of being ridiculous taking into consideration the circumstances and the authorities involved, something which lends credence to the saying "interpretation alone cannot justify the reality and legality of judicial decisions taken in bias" quote unquote.

Mr.Wickremasinghe in the meantime continues his rhetoric about his determination to carry on the Civil Unrest regardless! which could easily be halted by a Supreme Court Injunction as there is always the danger of an escalation of the unrest if allowed to continue, as the possibility of Pro-Government demonstrations from a greater majority of the Nation's population than the UNP factions, could plunge the Nation into further turmoil and has to be prevented within the Law. Then there is the JVP who
have declared their own demonstrations independent of the present ones which have to be dealt with effectively if they pose any threat to public security.

The writing's on the wall for the sorry lot of demonstrators and their ambitions! Abort, call off their actions against the Government and deceits from comparisons to Hitler and the meaningless analogies intended to sway public opinion as the Majority of Sri Lankans in reality neither condone violence nor want their Nation torn apart.

All they want is peace, tranquillity and the assurances of a better future which cannot be achieved by the state of affairs due to the projected unrest by the Opposition. Let Her Excellency the President carry out her responsibilities to which she was elected.


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