As the 'Calls for Impeachment' Circus continues.

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The Derring -Do of the Opposition Leader never ceases to amaze the intelligent and rational International Community of Expatriate Sri Lankans and those within the Country following rational norms as the continued buffoonistic calls for impeachment by the Leader of the Opposition continues, whether it be for the prorogation of Parliament, orders given to quell thuggery on the streets and now based upon the Governments decision involving the International Monetary Fund an artery vital to the sustenance of the Nation.

To question the IMF Decision alone seems detrimental to their image and to call for impeachment based on it is near sacrilegious! Impeachment the term itself is fast taking on humorous intonations as the continued calls have suddenly begun to ring as hollow as the empty Parliament itself thanks to the opposition's continued cacophony of meaningless rhetoric which in no way contributes towards sensible dialogue much needed at this juncture to solve the problems of a Nation in crisis.

Empty vessels indeed make the greatest sounds it is known, but this vessel seems not only to be empty but also ignorant at a high level and a growing clarion for the President to be impeached seems to be an unwelcome buzz reverberating throughout the Nation much to the consternation of it's people solidly behind Her Excellency the President.

It seems to be an appropriate time for this wretched monologue to be halted as the only objective behind it seems to be the continued futile quest for power by the Leader of the Opposition whose slogans are so contradictory that they cannot be interpreted as being of any substantial value towards the Nations progress.

They are an intermingling of threats, pleas, entreaties and of frustrations relative to missed opportunities which may never come their way again and there seems to be a minute core of sympathisers towards the UNP's cause who themselves appear to be rather confused by this rather comical scenario hoping in their heart of hearts that the only eventuality which could lend credence to the UNP would be by supporting the President rather than undermining her, but they seem to have 'missed the bus' having caught the wrong 'tiger by the tail' and transposed this opportunity to the prudent and judicious JVP fast gathering momentum as the band of fearless Young Lions who have come to the rescue of the main Pride of Lions in Parliament, the PA from the 'Hyenas' of the UNP.

An insignificant quantity of wrath is now being directed at the JVP by the UNP which may further disseminate their popularity from a discerning Public whose opinion is the only one that counts in the end and would either polarize the two entities and their respective effectiveness towards National Unity or totally negate them!

The latest calls for impeachment based on the President's transactions with The IMF and her decision making which is crucial to the Nation's Economy and well being are baseless and unfounded as far as the UNP Leadership and Caucases are concerned as they appear to be unable to see beyond their own self motivated needs while also being unable to interpret the Presidents insight and vision which could never be a tool for impeachment. In the meantime the World watches as the 'Calls for Impeachment' Circus continues and the Media Circus thrives on it!!.


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