PA Minister Implicated By UNP Conspiracy Needs To Be Exonerated If True.

Suranimala- Jathyanthara Singha Balawegaya For LankaWeb

There seems to be shocking aberrations far removed from reality emerging from the Case Against Deputy Minister Reggie Ranatunga which to all intents and purposes appears to be a conspiracy and a perjurious attempt to discredit him and his Peoples Alliance Party on evidence sumitted at the latest hearing and could have far reaching implications on the credibility of the UNP if proven.

The suspect Jayantha Jayasuriya in an startling affidavit contrary to his prior statement submitted to the Courts has stated, that prior evidence given by him to the effect that Mr. Ranatunga was present at the scene of the crime when the victim Lionel Rodrigo was fatally assaulted, was untrue ( Also denied by Mr. Ranatunga ) and coerced out of him through intimidation and pressure by former UNP MPs Mahen and Edward Gunasekera and four Attorneys At Law whose names would be disclosed at the next hearing.

In the meantime Mr. Ranatunga is under remand, in poor health and given the contradictions and the air of controversy surrounding the case surely needs the benefit of the doubt being a respected member of the Community and Parliament and needs to be exonerated and released though the intricacies of the case could very well be compounded by further innuendos levelled at him by his tormentors within the UNP as he has been an outspoken critic of many irregularities and indiscretions by the UNP during the tenure of the PA Administration prior to its dissolution.

Mr. Reggie Ranatunga is also the father of the former Illustrious World Cup Winning Cricket Captain of Sri Lanka , Arjuna Ranatunga. himself running for office in the forthcoming Election as a PA Candidate who has had his share of controversy and wrongful criticism but has withstood his critics and emerged uncathed in the face of adversity wrongfully delivered .

Conspiracies involving perjury due to the seriousness of their nature needs very close investigation to establish their veracities and the many trigger happy Attorneys especially the ones against whom accusations of intimidation are levelled by the suspect within the Justice System as the evidence suggests should be severly dealt with. Also, the Legal System of Sri Lanka being Non -Napoleonic should place their considerations on an " Innocent until proved Guilty" attitude rather than its reverse in releasing Mr. Ranatunga albeit the criminal nature of the trial, taking into consideration conflicts of interest and speculative evidence.

If established beyond reasonable doubt that this scenario was instigated in malice with the intent to discredit Mr. Ranatunga, its perpetrators should be brought to justice swiftly bearing in mind that it is a severe black mark against the Party they represent and an affront to the Legal System.


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