Presidential Remarks On Eye For Eye Grossly Misinterpreted By the UNP.

Nandimithra- For LankaWeb

Recent remarks by the President about the rights of individuals at being able to defend themselves when attacked and the appropriate retaliatory moves have been grossly misinterpreted by the UNP and the rest of the Anti PA Bandwagon who seem to forget the Executive Nature of the Presidency and appear to have been carried away as usual in blatantly shovering invectives at the Cheif Executive Officer Of The Nation.

The President in emphasizing the issue of murder and attempted murder of political candidates and other citizens has every right to her opinion that attrocities need to be met head on and dealt with whatever the choice of words relative to the interpretation by the UNP might be and calls for legal action against the ensuing remarks based on the resurging criminal activity targeting candidates, journalists and the media etc. can only be interpreted as a distraction to sway public opinion. Bearing in mind the horrendous attrocities commited by past UNP Regimes which have gone unchecked for a greater part have they suddenly taken on a sanctimonious veil of subterfuge portraying themselves as the good guys when their track record suggests otherwise with hardly a need to itemise them.There is no reign of terror presently within the land in the manner of certain previous UNP Regimes only a sense of sporadic lawlesness projected by terrorists their cohorts and other pretenders.

The Executive Presidency is a Title and High Office which should not be trifled with regardless of the tolerance and self -control exercised by the Good Lady who is comitted to fair play and justice to all and there is every likelihood the the UNP may ursurp her sense of well being and force her hand into implementing stringent measures to counter the irrational statements made against the Presidency and regret their actions, as punitive action against some of their ilk carrying various degrees of notoriety has been a long time coming. High handed, arrogance, intimidation and violent killings is also a hallmark of the LTTE, being 'aped' by their subordinates in recent times which seems to have spilled over into the anti-Government Bandwagon and reason enough for the President's verbal response.

A rather significant aphorism has surfaced in the face of all the recent criminal activity defacing the Nation which is "Why Is Not The Death Penalty Implemented To Deal With Treason, Murder And Acts Against the Unitary State" as a deterrent to man's vicious inhumanity to man and the State, so blatantly displayed in this Fair Isle Of Ours? The Capital Punishment Act has long since been activated and though unimplemented nor executed to its fullest capacity (no pun intended! ) and it may not take too much arm twisting for the President to consider it as a viable option as it is well within her jurisdiction through the powers vested in her.

Perhaps it may effect the restoration of sanity and order expediently to a Nation gearing for a vital General Election not forgetting who holds the reins to Government presently and who in all probalities will continue to do so contrary to "Sub-Urban' belief! and much to the chagrin of the Opposition Mindbenders in their continuing effort to discredit the President.


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