It's about time these 'Theoreticians' were muffled!

Nandimithra for Lankaweb

The 'Theories, Vagaries and Idle Threats presently being made by all those attempting to disrupt Operation Kinihira IV, especially the ones being made by Anton Balasingham,should be muffled.The Sri Lankan Army Leadership in a recent report while dispelling his claims and those of the LTTE as being 'Bogus' and 'Hollow' has clarified the intent of the Armed Forces as being pretty clear cut as far as their objectives and their relativity towards morale is concerned in no uncertain terms.

Perhaps it would better suit their purpose if the foreign operations of the LTTE and their operatives such as Mr. Balasingham focussed their priorities on the impending decisions of Foreign Governments especially Great Britain,to proscribe them in conjunction with Interpol which has put out an ALL Points Bulletin (APB) for their leader who is wanted for crimes against humanity, as released recently.

In a rather amusing manner the rhetoric being released by Mr. Balasingham includes ignominious statements such as "the conditions demanded by the LTTE would include the Sri Lankan Army having to return to their original positions before the LTTE detracts from a unilateral ceasefire" amongst the rest of the jargon, all in an attempt to distract 'Operation Kinihira' which seems to be their main dilema.

This time around, they are fooling nobody as the Military Operations do not perceive any objectives being reached through negotiations which have failed time and time again and are clearly determined to press home their advantage with the backing of the International Community which sees the importance of the need to resolve more than an internal armed insurrection and to return to normalcy where peace loving citizens of Lanka will be unafraid to lead normal lives once more,irrespective of their ethnicity, cast, creed or religious preferences.


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