A Dejected Professor Reacts To Rejection Through Cheap Shots.

Nandimithra- For Lankaweb

A dejected Prof.G.L.Peiris appears to be continuing his tirade against the Bandaranaikes who have all but rejected his media bullhorning, name calling and high accusations which he really cannot substantiate through any viable means. So why the 'cheap shots' and contradictions which have become a regular feature of his rather verbose expressionism and loose usage of terminology intended to malign two respected and distinguished members of high office? A lacklustre attempt to sway public opinion perhaps?

Firstly he engages Mr. Anura Bandaranaike in a harsh exchange of words and accusations about his credibility and his so called contradictions relative to the different parties he was affiliated with and now his latest outbursts against Madam President whom he accuses, in his own words of, quote "Abatement to murder and instigation deserving of impeachment" end quote for her remarks at an address to the Tissamaharama public where she was emphasizing the importance of self defence and verifying its cross references to the biblical proverb'An Eye For An Eye and Tooth For a Tooth" which seems to have touched a few nerve endings in Prof. Peiris and induced him to literally fly off the handle. The remarks against the President are of a retaliatory nature suggesting what may happen once she loses her immunity in the tone of a veiled threat which displays a complete lack of decorum and class coming from a University Professor of a high academic background and in his best interests would be well advised to word his phraseology with utmost care lest it lets him down!.

A statement made in lighter vein by Mr. Anura Bandaranaike where he has said that "if necessary Parliament would be prorogued every 12 months" has been taken literally and has been classified as a 'Kick In The Teeth To Democracy'. A remark typical of the sultry wit of the Bandaranaikes going back to the times of the noble Late Hon.Mr. S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike who's scathing wit would obviously have been beyond the comprehension of individuals such as Prof.Peiris! in whose opinion the parliamentary democracies of the modern world would have little room for free speech and humour for fear of incarceration and impeachment.

While the need to placate the clumsy partitionists led by Pro. Peiris shamelessly up in arms against the Bandaranaikes is unnecessary, there are a few important pointers to the issues at hand. Prof. Peiris is probably aware (being well versed in the subject of self -defence having written a chapter in one of his publications) that Section 93 of the Sri Lankan Penal Code Classifies an individual's rights to self defence even if death results and Madam President's remarks are totally relevant and pertinent to the rights of the individual and who should know about it better and have just cause for reaction other than herself, having had to confront loss of life through violence, of loved ones and vicious attacks on herself?

Prof. Peiris has neither an unblemished track record to pontificate on the falsely projected misgivings of the President nor the right to voice harmful interjections at the former Speaker of the House whose credibilities at being a Statesman have evolved from a prestigious lineage far removed from the mundane bickerings of a self appointed critic rejected, dejected and apparently has affiliations to illegal land transactions which appear to have deprived the State of Millions of Rupees!

The motivations of his verbal attacks while by -passing Legal Concepts and Principles probably is directly related to a quest for power through denigrating the President who has not contravened any Statutes and merely expressed the legitimate rights of any individual towards self preservation in the face of life threatening confrontations. It is also interesting to recall that this same Professor complained recently to the Chief of Police about the inadequacies of his bodyguards


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