Ominous Sign Through Dr.Jayawardena's Ridiculous Meanderings.

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It has not taken that long for the first signs of warming up to the LTTE's craftiness by the New Government as portrayed through the recent meanderings of Cabinet Minister Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena who has rather outrageously proclaimed that the Tamil Youth were driven to take up arms justifiably and that they were forced to make this decision through the wrongdoings of the Sinhalese and the then present administrations. One which conveys a message of speculation on his part with no consideration towards the rights of the Sinhala Nation or the fact that they are inherant and need to be protected at all times!.Unfortunately he seems to have forgotten that many of those responsible for his allegations belonged to his own party the UNP, while forgetting also his own ethnic identity.

History has proved that there are administrative "Pariahs" in many forms of Government who have not only betrayed Nations but also have bastardised the concept of personal integrity in carrying out administrative duties based upon misguided personal convictions regardless of world opinion ending up with bitter regrets while paying a heavy price for their errors of judgement, Slobodan Milasovich the Former Yugoslavian President being a prime example now languishing in a Belgian jail amongst a host of others awaiting his date with his nemesis.There seems to be traces of the same indifferent mentality in Jayawardena who carries a famous political last name and one which also projected the mass administrative confusion and the Constitutional Morass, Sri Lanka is engulfed in today though ironically fortunate enough to have the freedom to conduct his business, ( monkey or otherwise! ) instead of being indicted for his surreptitous overtures with the LTTE tantamount to treason.

There can be no villification for the attrocities of the LTTE commited over decades and the lame excuse that disgruntled Tamil Youth were coerced into the terrorist devastations out of need, devastations which rocked a once tranquil Nation to its very foundation. It appears to be none but an apathetic excuse devised to justify and cover up Jayawardena's involvement with the LTTE which was documented and proved beyond reasonable doubt despite procalamations of his innocence where he has been' let off the hook' too easily. It has to be remembered that this individual was seen walking brazenly alongside the likes of Prabhakaran on a Heroes Day Ceremony in Jaffna in the not too distant past and there are recorded conversations of his willingness to compromise with the LTTE though somewhat garbled. Yet today he is a 'respected Sinhala Cabinet Member' in a scenario which could come right out of a Noel Coward Play and could only happen in the seesaw nature of Sri Lankan politics (politricks?).

Unless the present administration treads carefully upon the issues at hand which need resolving ethically, logically and prudently where the Nation's future and populace is not compromised through the foolish ventures of an imbecilic nature where the assurances of safety and stability are deserving for all ethnicities inhabiting Sri Lanka their recognition as being impartial rulers could be severly compromised by the likes of Dr. Jayawardena who appears to be a definite administrative misfit! and a liability together with a few others.

The quest for a lasting peace within the Land is imperative and a foremost priority bearing in mind that it cannot be accomplished though bargaining with terrorists whose scruples and intent have NO CREDIBILITY regardless of the pontification by the present administration towards pretentious ceasefires which could easily overturn the balance of security should the Armed Forces be caught unawares.The impaired vision plaguing many within the Administrative Camp that the LTTE could be bargained with is beyond comprehension to the rational mind as it is the Tamil Community that needs redress as far as the ethnic crisis is concerned.The Terrorist Movement has to be negated, persuaded to lay down arms, discontinue their quest Eelam and account for the destruction done in the past and in the case of the moderates within their rank and file, be given an opportunity to represent their people.Embargos, proscription and legalized outlawing by the International Community cannot be ursurped by foolhardy decisions which could more than likely plunge the Nation into darkness in addition to the impending Power Outages in the near future due to natural causes.


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