On Brits.Test Selectors and Their False Panache

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What a false panache these Brits. and our Test Selectors have in common, call it 'Nitely Splendour' ('Knightley 'pre-empted! and under cover of the darkness that surrounds them) constantly reaching for the self righteous top while their "Blahs ring empty and hollow!!

The stage is set for the ODI's, mercurial,brilliant Aravinda despite his stoic efforts, left out and the team re-shuffled. Hopefully Aravinda's ommission will not be a regrettable decision as the need to salvage lost pride is urgent although seemingly arduous as there still are obstacles such as Hanumant Singh and the dubious umpiring appointees of the ICC whose side pockets seem to be lined with scorpions each time someone appeals, especially from the visitor's camp as the hands are hastilly withdrawn with the 'Stick It Up Yours' sign in reverse!! and someone begins a painful walk back to the pavilion.

Could the Selectors not have curbed their impatience to test the mettle of younger players until the Test losses might have been vindicated although the inclusion of Kalu is a deserving one and perhaps Avishka may have been a fair gamble as well together with a few other notable mentions who have been omitted but then again when it comes to choosing from the wealth of talent there is available, the choice becomes difficult.

"Any chance, Arjuna might come out of retirement to curb the punk mentality of these Brits with their pernucious swagger" was an audible whisper heard around the SSC Grounds after the last fateful Test and what a whisper it seems to have been as it seems to be waxing in its intensity and gaining momentum with each passing day!.

Alas! one remembers poignantly the days of our youth when Cricket was truly the gentlemen's game it really was and not a state of the art gladiatorial contest monitored by a malfunctioning bureaucracy which tends to see the visibly obnoxious Brits. as praiseworthy cricketers, being part of the hierarchy themselves and let them get away scot-free with their indiscretions and gamesmanship tactics and to add insult to injury, their ridiculously biased press coverages which have turned the recent Tour into a shambles while portraying them as 'Demi-Gods'.


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