War Is The Best Way To Clean Up Sri Lanka

Dear Sir,

As a former Sri Lankan, I sometimes take a few moments to review your website and that of the LTTE. Since 1958, Sri Lanka is going through a cleaning process.

The process will take another 50 years for if you Look at Lebanan, Somalia, Eritria you will understand where your country is heading towards. Once upon a time only the People from the North and East left the country, for they could not bear the inequalities.

Now the people from the South are leaving for they cannot bear the nonsense going on. To me who left in the early seventies, I should praise my parents for sending us out of the country. My children enjoy peace and prosperity in Canada.

They ask us why are these people fighting in Sri Lanka?

My answer was, animals in the jungle fight so these people fight. They are not civilised enough to communicate and understand each other.

We are now part of the western culture, we feel that when people resolve to settle through violence, only way to stop the violence is to give them more and more arms so that they will clean themselves of the bad blood in their society.

My advice to all you animals in Sri Lanka is to get more arms and fght till you purify yourself or we must herd you people together and treat the way theUK is treating the foot and mouth disease. Hatred and anger are diseases.

When the world is progressing into a peaceful place, only the animals cannot comprehend that progress and become part of the civilised world. The world opinion is changing and soon we will have your politicians and the military top people at the world court. If an animal or animals are not trainable only avenue left is to kill them all or herd them into camps.

Your web site must promote peace and harmony, not supporting violence and war. No enterprise that supported atrocities survived, What makes you to think yours will? What happend to Mitshubishi, Mitsui and Bayer corporations.

They were broken up into smaller more socially responsible companies. No one who promoted war, violence and hatred ever survived. Even this wisdom will never get into the heads of Sri lankans for genitically you have dominant genes promoting violence, till you people are removed from the society by force we have to wait patiently.

There is no legal method avaiable so we have to provide you with arms so that you will do the sacred duty on hehalf of the peace loving people.

Keep up with the good work Sri lanka! all our best wishes!!


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