Bangladesh News Report of President's Peace Move Needs Confirming!

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If the accuracy of the recent article in the Bangladesh Daily by journalist Chowdry is verifiable, noble and gracious as it may sound on the part of the President of Sri Lanka, in the wake of the horrors of the WTC and Pentagon attacks this may not be the appropriate time to start waving peace flags , least of all at terrorists with the infamy of the LTTE as the interpretation could be one of complacency and a kind of resignation to and a 'come what may' attitude towards suggesting compromise towards the American led fight against Global Terrorism. A statement which allegedly come shortly after the President's own rebuttal of the USA and India in pointing out their own double standards in dealing with terrorists within their jurisdiction. Certainly worth confirming!

Considering the tough and determined stand taken by the US President Mr. George Bush in unison with his International Alliance Against Terrorism comprising of NATO Countries and many other World Leaders it would appear to be, be a negative response on the part of any nations seeking to contradict the Alliance which could very well prove to be the death knell to terrorism as Sri Lanka and the World knows it and a golden opportunity to consolidate and forge ahead in the war against Prabakharan and the LTTE where the paradox would involve the ruthless actions and networking of Osama bin Laden and Al Queid, a harsh reality which must be faced.

In the present political climate of Sri Lanka where the pretenders to peace now taking to the streets on the insistence of the opposition parties led by the Ranil Wickremasinghe and his bullhorn-wielding supporters whose once loud diatribe seems to have been transformed into an upsurge for peace where the real double standard for peace seems to have been accentuated by covert instances of UNP support for LTTE doings in the hope of achieving its own ends especially with the now common knowledge of Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene's unaccountable clandestine activities recently exposed, pointing towards LTTE sympathy amongst a host of other suspicious sounding activities in that direction, conciliatory moves in the name of peace by the Government could be grossly misinterpreted, especially by the powerful International Alliance Against Terrorism which in no uncertain terms has outlined its policy To Eradicate Terrorism Completely From The Face Of The Earth!!.

The need for a lasting peace seems imperative to any war torn Nation and in the case of Sri Lanka the term ' Nation beset with an internal armed insurrection' is more appropriate where terrorism has been endemic for decades and the resolution probably lies in the eradication of the endemic root cause which has now become a Global dilemma. Consequently it is difficult to comprehend a sudden peace initiative pre-empting the International Alliance Against Terrorism by the President of Sri Lanka as the recent article in the Bangladesh Daily by journalist Chowdry suggests and has to be attributed to pure conjecture on her part with no factual evidence in the light of references to the LTTE as the other entity involved.

The LTTE are presently in a quagmire of their own creation having digressed from their original cause of what they termed 'liberation' of the Tamil People ' aeons ' ago, whose misery has been compounded over the years, where crimes against the State and Humanity took such a precedence over rational demands towards their needs being looked into that they have been condemned, rejected and ostracized by many of their own community who feel betrayed by the LTTE. To add to their woes, they have been branded as a dangerous terrorist movement in Canada,Britain, the USA. Russia, China and most of the Free World in a ruthless quest to track down an eliminate International Terrorism.

In the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the PA and the JVP too, it has been categorically outlined that peace negotiations can only be entered into, in the event that the enemy genuinely indicates by words and deeds and the laying down of arms and a willingness to face justice for their crimes. (a tall order facing all terrorist group in the world today who always justify their actions and reject such demands) which may then justify a closer look but unfortunately for the LTTE they have not affirmed this and instead continue their atrocities. Furthermore, It is unlikely that the leadership of the PA which is also essentially the leadership of the Nation would compromise the MOU in contravention of its conditions as the continuation of the PA-JVP is vital to the well being of the Nation and Ms. Chowdry of the Bangladesh Daily should further research / search her news sources before making a statement as blatantly unconvincing as done in her news item which nevertheless makes interesting reading.


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