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According to Nirupama Subramaniam in her recent article in the Frontline Magazine, her analogies to the Presidential Actions in exercising the powers vested in her by the Constitution, to a chess game and what the writer terms as disrespect for Democracy and Parliament seems to be in very poor taste and overly critical in the typical fashion of Frontline and seems to contravene the basic principles of independent impartial journalism.

It seems to be Frontline presenting itself as a pawn in a game of chess initiated by the undiscerning tactics of all opposition to the Government in an abject display of naïve expressionism. The timing is rather poor and inauspicious, with finger pointing at the Government's every move being the order of the day regardless of its veracity and a running of the gauntlet by Frontline in a mad dash for publicity at the
expense of its own credibility and in aid of what?.

It would hardly turn the tide of public sympathy with the UNP and its misguided allies if this was the objective of Frontline which does not give credence to the real issues involved. The Government says "Check Mate! to all of this while the next move is being projected.

Indeed Politics is real life business, not only in Sri Lanka but also globally where the popular vote is the bastion of Democracy but in the case of the present crisis in Sri Lanka the President has acted to ensure the very same Democracy refered to by Frontline.

The President's actions have been taken to thwart illegal attempts by an unscrupulous and power hungry
opposition to wrest power from her Government under manufactured pretexts and through connivance with the breakaway factions who were once affiliated to the President's Coalition, but with ulterior motives, as is now apparent.

What are the criteria used to measure Frontline's conclusion that Prorogation was a move to side step a test of strength in Parliament?. Are they then the Founding Fathers of the Constitution? or an authoritative entity appointed to pass judgement on the Presidency?, certainly not and probably rabble rousers instigated by their support for the opposition rather than an entity capable of arriving at impartial conclusions based on their inability to co-relate to the Presidential Authority which Nirupa Subramaniam and Co. have little or no right to question for the mere sake of publicity to Frontline and its partisan support for the Government's opposition!.

That the President is waiting for the People's Mandate to change a lopsided Constitution which conveys an unhealthy imbalance between Electoral Proxies and the Popular Vote is a reality which has been on the boards for sometime now even though the article has ridiculed it with the writer's sardonic wit.

The question of survival does not confront the Government as much as it does the UNP whose desperation it is, which needs highlighting and has triggered off a chain of events amounting to anarchy.
There was never a need for panic and hysteria in the ranks of the Government as referred to and the only propaganda resorted to was by the UNP who in reality painted dark pictures of chaos , unrest and Hitlerian public posters with Swastikas which eventually backfired on them. It was the UNP factions that eventually resorted to the unrest for which a heavy price was paid including human life tragically.

That references have been made about the banning of the LTTE under the Prevention of Terrorism Act as being an Ace, appears to be an indication of part of the motivation for the article which further criticizes the Government fortifying its Military Resources to maintain Law and Order within the country, which the writer fails to see as a first priority.

A rather token gesture appears in references to the real implications of the lapsing of the ban on the LTTE and the probable outcome, downplayed with mention of the State Run Media stooping to alarming levels of inaccuracy which is 'Pure Blarney' as the Irish would say! Much lesser walks of society than high intellectuals and analysts within the land know fully well that all publicity given the LTTE by way of statistics and photographic evidence of their atrocities are deadly accurate and by saying 'It is true" does not lessen the outcome nor detract from their intentions.

There is no First or Second Round in the Issues at hand, Frontline please note! on the contrary it's Game, Set And Match to the PA Government where it's winner take all, after the Referendum and possibly even an Election, as the People's Mandate will prove beyond a doubt.

This is not a Jayawardene Style referendum to prolong the life of the Parliament nor a Premadasa type
prorogation to avoid impeachment, it is a cleverly implemented Constitutional Right to protect the interests of the Nation and its population from anarchy and to quell the greed and wrongful search for power by unscrupulous individuals. The Government's role will be confirmed by the Mandate of the People.

As a footnote there is breaking news about to be made public regarding the Leader of the Opposition's 'quest for power' in requesting the President for his appointment as Prime Minister with executive powers and cabinet posts to ten of his closest allies within the UNP while the President retires to a devitalised token status, which has been prudently turned down by the President albeit the undertones of a National Government and its advantages! and the pieces of the puzzle of what the real motivation must be for the UNP's actions begin to fall into place. " Hell! it seems, Hath No Fury! Greater, Than A Ranil Scorned !! "

Whatever the objective of the Frontline and Nirupa Subramaniam's article may be, it is not an impartial one and seems to be devised to further confuse an already confusing issue on why the media hype seems to be directed against the Government in almost every case, where legalities and jurisdictions are
in place and all angles covered within statutes which even the Speaker of the House disagrees to contradict.

Had Her Excellency The Madam President, as referred to, sought a Constitutional Referendum two to three years ago she would in all probabilities have won praise and a resounding victory which may turn out to be even greater and far sweeter at this juncture as it is being done with the objective of preserving the integrity of Sri Lanka and preventing it from being destroyed by Terrorists and Anarchists!


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