Leave Aravinda Alone!!

By The Seeing Eye - Sightscreens Unlimited for LankaWeb

The 'Australian' reports that Indian Sources have broadcast yet another news item alleging that Aravinda de Silva was involved in a shady deal this time involving an Australian woman with whom he is supposed to have fathered a 'Love Child' which in simple terms is an illegitimate child and the source for this news is the notorious bookie Mukesh Gupta who seems to have taken it upon himself to drag down the reputation of high profile cricketing personalities by creating a web of intrigue based on speculation and this comes at a time when Aravinda is making a tremendous climb back to the top having just compiled a magnificient century in the current test match.He should be left alone to focus on his cricket and not be targetted by these accusations by unscrupulous individuals of dubious repute.

This seems hardly fair considering the fact that we live in a Democratic and Just Society. Such news items more often than not are pure conjecture until proven and at least until such time let us abide by the 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty' yardstick.

There are many means by which the credibilities of these allegations could be established. Paternity could be disputed or proven, financial transactions with dates, donors and recipients could be verified though at present there are none, apart from the speculated ones so for the sake of sanity,respect and admiration for this great cricketer, the media should resfrain from publications which tend to smear whether inadvertently or not, this, with direct reference to the 'Australian' News Provider responsible for publicising it.

Mukesh Gupta needs to be restrained and cautioned for the good of all concerned at least until facts if any are proven. Naturally, such 'juicy news items' tend to be grabbed up by all and sundry as a 'great scoop' without realising the harm it eventually does especially if the accused is innocent of the allegation. In this case, surely, patience must be a virtue! and Aravinda desrves the benefit of the doubt.


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