A Heavy Price Paid for being Tolerant and Moderate.

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It is assumed that the present state of affairs involving the LTTE could have been easily avoided had a few considerations been heeded to. It is a time when Major General Janaka Perera's absence is conspicuously larger than life and the retrospective reflections of the unnecessary leeway the LTTE were granted in as far as the freedom of movement given for peace negotiations and confrontations with representatives of various credible factions which gave the LTTE ample time to regroup despite continued International and Internal warnings from very credible sources and analysts whose predictions have now been proven accurate that hey are underhand, dangerous and capable of destruction.

Considering the contempt the LTTE are held in, by some of their own community and the credible knowledge of their whereabouts, its apathetic that they were permitted to garner their resources and come as far as the daring suicidal attacks on the Air Base and the Airport when their Wanni Locations, bunkers and arms depots could easily have been taken out with the equipment, fire power in hand and intelligent campaigning which was not done to their fullest capacity as the current situation proves so what are the available options and what is the real reason for the apparent leniency shown by the Armed Forces as apparent?Directives from the 'Top'? or has the phasing out of Major General Perera left an unfillable vacuum or is there something more than what meets the common eye? How did they transport heavy equipment, missiles and RPGs without detection and the so called 'High Security'?

The World watches on in horror! Tourists en route to their Paradise Vacation are dodging bullets at the Airport and a group of International Cricketers participating in the Coca-Cola Cup are probably holed up pensively in their Hotels looking at their options, literally 'between the devil and the deep blue sea' rather profoundly and in retrospect amazed that this situation has arisen in the first place.

The Administration cannot afford to be circumspect anymore about how they will deal with the situation and there seems to be little or no question that negotiations with any entity be they the LTTE, Norway, Canada or the UNP for that matter are out and unfeasible.

How was it that the High Security surrounding the Airport and Base was unfiltered and breached? is a question that seems logical enough to pose! in order to waive the issue of negotiations with any source!

There is no applause on the International stage, only contempt for the cowardly, low and dastardly actions of this wretched terrorist group who must be effectively dealt with if sanity, peace and freedom are to return to Sri Lanka and the rest of the free world which in the face of the havoc wreaked on equipment and vehicles would seems a rather insurmountable though true, only if viewed in that perspective.

Nothing is impossible, nothing ventured nothing gained! and considering numbers, fire power, equipment and intelligence of the Armed Forces as opposed to the animal cunning and viciousness employed by this band of near rabid hyenas, they can be sought and destroyed which is the only option the Government now seems to have.

Take a page from Israel's Book Please! and their responses to terrorism and their oppressors! There will be many pundits who will argue the merits of peaceful negotiations as opposed what they loosely term 'war mongering' but unfortunately for those who raise this comparison, the time is at hand to rationalise in order to preserve the Nation from destruction and the options seem few considering the desperate mentality of the oppressors both the executors and their backup support which points out to prominent political factions as well as civilians and a network within the Capital Colombo and outlying areas whose accessibility to the LTTE would have been near impossible without internal collaboration

. This is a time, for steel nerves on the part of the PA Administration and calm, to be maintained by the Nation's Populace while the equation and the role of the heavy price paid for being tolerant and moderate perhaps even tentative, should be reversed and all stops pulled out to vanquish the enemy and ALL OPPOSITION to the Administration whose directive should have no sympathy for Terrorists and their collaborators with no holds barred and one which has a mandated right to assure the nation of its security!


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