UNP calls to impeach the President !

By Suranimala for LankaWeb

Once again the President is presented with a hurdle by the relentless UNP Opposition who seem to think that it is their bounden duty to drag down the ruling party, a categorical political reality nevertheless but the third degree tactics employed by them, come at a time when the Leadrship of the country is faced with major issues which need to be resolved rather than be hounded by 'a pack of hyenas out for blood', a fatal flaw.

Almost every other decision of the Present Leadership has been opposed and hounded by the opposition whether it be travelling overseas on governmental matters, attempts to pacify communal unrest or stabilize the economy.These manouvres in order to attract attention to themselves and their policies which were insufficient to gain power in the interim on a people's mandate are unfavourable, detrimental to the Nation as a whole and come at a time when unity needs to be paramount and of critical importance.

Messers Tyrone Fernando and John Amaratunga, lawmakers of the UNP have taken it upon themselves to publicise a cry of possible 'Impeachment' based on Parliament being uninformed in time, of the Federal Bank's decision to 'free float'rather than devaluate the currency as opposed to daily rate fixing, a decision wisely taken, based on towering oil prices and military spending and their implications on the country's economy, though curiously, the Leadership of the UNP and its caucuses have not been overly audible on this issue.

Once again the word Impeachment is being freely used, misinterpreted and levelled at a Leader who has the best interests of her country at heart, sadly by a pathetically self centered group of the opposition who seem to be looking for a 'pound of flesh' which no one owes them, least of all the Hon.Mrs. Chandrika Kumaratunga to whom the Nation owes its present state of stability and security by the manner in which she has administered it, and the strength and resolve she has shown by the manner in which she stands firm and undaunted against all odds to which one can only say BRAVO Madam President!.

The word impeachment is becoming a cursory word taken out of context rather than being definitvely the right to initiate proceedings against a Head of State or other leader who has blatantly violated the Law of the Land, indulged in acts against the State and Constitution, fraud, treason and the like and the foundation upon which the present call for impeachment is based, seems rather weak as it is based on decisions taken in the best interests of the country and its economy and not on a mere technicality pointed out in frustration by its initiators. If the constitution is looked into in greater detail, surely the Powers Vested in the President as Chief Executive Officer of the Country do give her the right to make favourable decisions in the best interests of the country and any attempt to drag down its leadership requires a two third majority vote in Parliament which Messers. Fernando and Amaratunga are unlikely be blessed with if they look around and the timing of the presentation of these decisions in parliament is merely a relative factor and academic.Deeming it mandatory and impeachable if unpresented in Parliament on time seems rather far fetched regardless of an archaic legal clause it may be based upon(Roman-Dutch Law possibly!!) which by definition alone does not constitute the justification of an impeachment process although the legal wranglings which are bound to ensue as a result could be extensive and cost the tax-payer dearly.

Famous names such as Nixon, Clinton, Salinas Gotari, Marcos, Estrada faced with impeachment come to mind in recent times where the proven guilt against the constitution with the exception of Clinton were heavy and unquestionable but where are the similarities between these names and the President of Sri Lanka whose leadership and administrative skills, principles, diplomacy and insight are to be revered and respected, rather than be dragged down?.



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