Threats from the LTTE Ominous.

By Suranimala, JSBC Overseas, for LankaWeb

The 123 India article of 24.03.2001 refers to the recently uttered threats about the LTTE attacking Colombo which should not be taken lightly even though it comes from a spent force firing their 'last salvos!'and do sound rather ominous. According to their bravadorial huffing and puffing about the merits of realtive peace and calm in Colombo due to their ceasefire and cessation of hostilities they should by now be the driving force behind it all but statistically and logically the truth of the matter is, they have been effectively contained and restricted to their jungle hideouts by a powerful War Machine which is systematically wearing them down.A Powerful force which in a matter of time will be reinforced by a greater contending force of joint operations which will see an end to all their attrocities permanently! it is hoped.

If this is bluff, then their bluff should be called, employing every tactic and strategy militarily and no reservations given nor concessions made while taking no chances over their utterances, until they no longer pose a threat to the stability of the Sri Lankan Establishment which they are now attempting to de-stabilize through verbal intimidation.

In addition to being blatantly transparent with their innuendos, false promises and projected pseudo-posterity in the eyes of a very much aware international community who have finally begun to see the real LTTE in their true colours, whose image has now been irreparably damaged and tarnished, a new attitude towards the accomplishment of their objectives at any cost has come of age, through threats which seem to have arisen from the embers of a once destructive fire now reduced to ashes in the semblance of a last hurrah!


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