Where is the Fire Power of the Lankan Armed Forces?

By Nandimithra for LankaWeb

. It's about time the Sri Lankan Armed Forces used their Full Military Capacity, and all available resources to overcome the LTTE as there seems to be a strange diffidence almost half hearted and the lack of a positive attitude towards it which is probably relative to the directives given to the front lines by the high command or some related and necessary co-ordination seems to be lacking.

. The simplest equation that needs to be addressed is: if surveillance operations by way of all available methods of detection ( and there are many!) are accurate and the location of the enemy can be pin pointed, then what are the Armed Forces waiting for?

. Another land mine blast on a transport vehicle and missile attacks on aircraft carriers and massacres of innocent civilians, or another delegation from Norway with an olive branch?

. The search and destroy principle has to be implemented with no reservations and beyond a reasonable doubt the Armed Forces indeed have the capability to implement and execute this principle with the available personnel and firepower according to available statistics and are the Superior Entity so what's happenning?

. It probably has to do with the absence of judicious leadership, as in the not too distant past there were a few such leaders ( who sadly are no more, either retired, deceased or removed!) capable of using the element of surprise, relentless pursuit and all available resources and cunning in outwitting the enemy, some of them whose intensity so terrified and demoralised the enemy that they are now being given the inglorious and meaningless title of 'War Criminal'.

. There are many news items especially in the foreign news media speculating that the LTTE will carry out another offensive in the wake of the NCM (No Confidence Motion) against the PA Government which is more than likely, knowing the Modus Operandi of the LTTE and attack being the best form of defence the enemy should be attacked by the Armed Forces, not sporadically but by targetting sizeable areas, bunkers and weapons storage facilities well known to Military Intelligence and not be half hearted or sympathetic about it as the attrocities have gone on long enough while the rhetoric gets louder about the pros and cons for a radical offensive against the LTTE which peaks and subsides to the echoes of peace negotiations in the background.In the meantime they regroup and their threats get louder and another attack seems imminent!.

. Victory cannot be achieved by a sympathetic overview of disparity and conciliatory overtures to a ruthless enemy, they must be effectively eliminated as they are not entitled to ravage,terrorise or intimidate a Sovereign Nation regardless of their falsely projected status as liberators.Its about time the Armed Forces took complete charge of the situation and delivered.



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