National Unity The First Step Towards Normalcy Despite Conniving And Dubious Opponents.

Nandimithra JSBI For LankaWeb

The first step towards restoring a normalcy and order within the country would seem to be National Unity among the warring political factions( no inference to the LTTE who fall into a different category of a self destructive terrorists with a death wish as their priority! ) but this appears to be a rather difficult proposition with the hurdles being presented to the Government by the Leader of the Opposition in particular.

That his antics and vitriolic expressions of Anti-Government propaganda are being tolerated is a cause for amazement as there have been greater personalities with greater patriotic objectives and charisma who have been incarcerated and dealt with in similar circumstances in various parts of the world where the Authorities have had to preserve order while preventing anarchy and have had to exercise more than their authority to do so.

In a sense, so far the Leader of the Opposition and his power hungry cohorts with their rank disregard to Patriotism and the Needs of the Nation in a manner similar to the LTTE should consider themselves fortunate that great tolerance and patience have been exercised by the Government which continues to put the Well Being of the Nation as a first priority while ignoring the continued barrages of the UNP led Opposition and their manoeuvres intent on disrupting the Government Process.

In recent times, rumours have been rife about the sympathetic leanings of the UNP towards the LTTE and many speculations about their role in the recent activities of the LTTE which are unproven but considerations must be given to open statements made by the UNP Opposition about their willingness to de-proscribe the LTTE, grant them concessions and approach the ethnic conflict from a totally different perspective to that of the Government which is a contradiction of the Projected Need to restore normalcy to the Nation.

They seem to have had their chances and misused them in the past nevertheless and their credibility to govern seems rather far fetched to put it mildly. It would logically seem that the protractors of Unrest, Civil Disobedience and projected anarchy against the will of the People contradict the basic principles of Democracy while negating their mandate to Govern.

Short of cheering on the LTTE, the UNP have indicated their willingness to tolerate their existence which could prove dangerous and costly and in similar vein to the tolerance of the LTTE during the Premadasa Era which eventually resulted in disastrous consequences for the Nation and the Administration as the record shows.

That National Unity would ensure a more powerful Administration is beyond a semblance of doubt but the entities who would eventually join hands to form this National Unity would have to detract from their ambitions and desires in a manner that seems difficult, considering their different ideologies based on their infrastructures of political belief and doctrine although accomplishable if the proper formula was worked out and certain sacrifices made for the common good of the Nation while laying aside their differences.

Revamping their identities as sons and daughters of the land while re-organising leadership roles and inducing certain undesirables to retire (As recommended by a very prominent Head of the Buddhist Clergy recently, who remarked that the Honour of past Great Prominent Leaders within their rank and file were being insulted by the actions of a few such with particular reference to the present leadership of the UNP who was advised to step down!) might be a feasible option.

It is pathetic that the hand of the Government is being forced and literally blackmailed by its opponents and being subjected to tremendous pressure by Internationally Condemned terrorists on one side and vicious attempts by the Opposition to unseat them at any cost which includes calls of impeachment and no confidence motions which of course the Government should withstand logically, whereas the only role that needs to be rightly put into perspective is that of preserving National Unity, The Nation's Economy, Integrity and the Well Being of the People and it is equally apathetic that the moronic attitude of the UNP led Opposition is further disrupting any chances of these vitally important objectives being reached.

In order to wipe out the constant threat of the LTTE and re-building of the Nation's Economy, there has to be National Unity of the highest calibre with no compromises, no selfish motivations nor a disruption of the Government and its Directives which have undoubtedly had few flaws which need to be set right, despite calls to step down by its critics who themselves appear to be fatally flawed and heading towards the exits of their political existence.


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