Why UK failed to name the list of terrorists

By C. Siri Anandagoda (U K)

Through the grape wine I have heard:
1) The original list of terrorist organisations in UK which was to be considered for proscription.

b) A Syrian based group.
c) An Algerian group.
d) Hamas.
e) Islamic group of Egypt.
f) A group known as Movement for Islamic Reforms.
g) A Saudi group known as Committee for the defence of Legitimate rights in Saudi Arabia.
h) Group led by Saudi Led Osam bin Laden.
i) PKK The rebel organisation led by Abdullah Ocalen who is currently in a Turkish jail awaiting execution.
[Source BBC]

Unconfirmed reports say that some British MP’s lobbied against naming LTTE although it was the first on the list, along with the Norwegian led peace brokers. Many prominent Tamil activists also lobbied for anti-proscription requesting to give the ‘Norwegian peace proposals a chance’.

During this time it was said that the UK authorities appeared to have checked with United States. Unconfirmed sources appear to have said that Bush Administration is reviewing the list of named terrorists in USA. Thanks to FOCUS, As you know LTTE became a listed terrorist organisation in USA.

Scotland Yard also ambushed a group of Algerian Extremist in UK and prevented them of their activities. Again based on unconfirmed information, as the British Cricket team is touring Sri Lanka with thousands of UK supporters proscription was put on hold in order to ensure their safety. As parliamentary elections in the UK is nearing, proscription of any such group could have a detrimental effect on the support for the ruling party, from the sympathisers of those groups. I was made to understand that this was also a major consideration for the decision taken. Therefore it would appear the UK authorities took the option of not naming any group. This leaves us to prove that LTTE is a terrorist organisation while LTTE is trying dissuade the authorities from this stance.

Since the announcement on February 19th

a) Sri Lankan government has stopped applying pressure on the UK authorities. The President appears to have said that peace is at the end of the tunnel.? (Which one I wonder)
b) LTTE has extended the unilateral (bogus) cease-fire.
c) A multi faith body of Clergies (including Buddhist monks) after meeting with the terrorists has pointed out that, the LTTE is now in favour of a negotiated peace with no pre conditions?
d) The main opposition party [UNP] has not lobbied for naming LTTE as a terrorist organisation and this may be because one of their MPs is lobbying against the ban.
e) According to my information, only an extreme political group in Sri Lanka (as described by the UK Govt.) has protested against non proscription. (I assume they are referring to SU)

In recent times another dimension has evolved. I have learned that some Tamils who came to UK as asylum seekers but not granted refugee status yet have been arrested. They have been informed that this is prior to repatriation, as UK authorities consider Jaffna is now as a safe place to return. Do you see how things are moving towards non-listing LTTE as a terrorist organisation? I also understand that the authorities are looking to legislate during early March. I think this would be after the UK budget presentation. At this review they may or may not name LTTE as a terrorist organisation?

I believe that we must provide the authorities as to why LTTE MUST be named as a terrorist organisation. Apparently some EU MPs who visited Sri Lanka have lobbied for proscription of LTTE while a very few has gone the other way. It would be a good idea to pool and review all options that are available to us. Unfortunately we are a lot with such deep divisions, that it may not be possible to get a unified force behind our movement?

Please let us “intern our ego and/or our differences” and meet by e ­mail or by person to review the situation as to what we must do? SU in Sri Lanka is very effective, but unfortunately they are been seen as an extremist organisation by the international community. I suppose it will suit the political parties and the LTTE followers to say so.

We must do everything possible to expel the fear of living in our own country from the hearts of all our people. It is the quest of terrorists to drive that fear into people. Let us unite against our enemy the “Tamil Terrorist” led by LTTE and its supporters. There are many approaches for achieving this goal. If we could streamline most of these approaches it will no doubt become a tremendous force against Tamil Terrorism in Sri Lanka. Some may construe the message of giving up separatism, sent to us through the inter-faith group by the LTTE, as genuine. Knowing the ways of the LTTE, I would say this could be another ploy to avert British proscription as well as the current actions of our brave soldiers. Any such leeway would give them the opportunity to regroup.

With all our might let us not allow the LTTE to misguide the world.



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