An Observation in Retrospect and Food For Thought.

Suranimala JSBC for Lankaweb

Today the Elite Sri Lankan Armed Forces are locked in a fierce and costly combat with the LTTE who were permitted to re-group and consolidate their positions when they were, going back to about a year and a half ago, subjugated, demoralised and almost broken by the Armed Forces under the Leadership of Major General Janaka Perera and his Strategies and one wonders whether his removal has further compounded the task of the present operation which in hindsight seems arduous though certainly feasible, but the most important question being asked by the International Sri Lankan Community is, "would the objective of defeating the LTTE have been achieved had Major General Perera continued his War Effort without being rudely disrupted by the powers that be and his adversaries?".A positive point to ponder upon.

Already it is becoming more and more apparent that the LTTE have been able to strengthen their reserves behind the screens of peace initiatives and the Pseudo-Unilateral Ceasefire which had the Administration playing a Magnanimous Role and toeing the line with their protracted slowing down which was sheer tactics as opposed to any moderate cessation of hostilities, instead of searching and destroying which would have probably been a Janaka Perera Strategy though at this stage it may sound like conjecture.

In the relentless pursuit of a plausible solution to the ethnic crisis, this time around it is hoped there will be no lapses , "Faux Pas'" or running into 'Firewalls' both Militarily and Strategically as the LTTE seems well prepared for what appears to be a last ditch stand with mininmal resources being used judiciously and the leadership of the Offensive needs to out think them, out fox them and being already outlaw'd, exterminate them which Major General Janaka Perera more than likely would have done!!!as observed by the JSBC in retrospect, and with due respect to the present Leadership of the Armed Forces who are nevertheless doing a wonderful job.


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