Unmitigated Determination with No meandering towards National Unity.
Gotabhaya, Lions Of The South ( L.O.T.S.) for LankaWeb

Amidst speculations of panic and an urgency to consolidate recent losses in the minds of the negative predictions by critics, in as far as the PA Government is concerned. there really is no need for panic. With the backing of all the Nations who have denounced the recent atrocities of the LTTE, Sri Lanka will surely rebuild to an unassailable level, with a National Unity which will be fortified with intellectuals and strategists alike where mistakes of the past will never be repeated and a magnanimous CEO Her Excellency The Madame President at the Helm. Probably a Personification of Mother Lanka Herself whose need for National Unity has probably never been greater!!
In order to accomplish this however there seems to be a few Key Considerations !.

1.A Coalition Of National Unity must be formed with trustworthy individuals, not blackguards and renegades who have in the past attempted to sell out the country to gain their own ends.
Individuals whose proven sense of integrity and by their actions, towards the betterment of the Country is foremost on their minds and not its destruction through collaborations with the enemy.

2. The Call to Unite should not provide a platform for unscrupulous groups who would eventually resort to blackmail and extortion once they get in, as has been the case in the recent past by some, whose ambitions greatly overruled the well being of the Country. The Screening Process has to be stringent in order to excogitate the Quality of the Forum, taking into consideration the types of undesirable elements more than likely to attempt intrusions as a post-script to their inclusions!.

3. There can be no compromises nor concessions extended to those involved in this Union except acknowledgement of their dedication and vision towards a better future. There will be many 'wolves in sheep's clothing ' pretending to be a part of this category but care should be exercised to exclude them to avoid grief in the future. There should be a commitment from all concerned towards National Security and the best interests of the people.

It probably is an appropriate time for the Government to downsize all its extraneous operations such as Bona Fide Foreign Assignments and the size of the Administrative Set up itself which probably needs to be streamlined to a feasible, and efficient workgroup as opposed to the rather overblown present set up which eventually would be a huge financial saving. The Guinness Book Of Records has already installed The Sri Lankan Cabinet and Administrative Set up as the Largest recorded! which is quite an accomplishment.
All olive branches waved in moderation at murderous terrorists, incentives and concessions to prospective participants of the Projected National Unity should be a confirmed No No! and avoided. The Defence Budget and Spending needs to be offset against the gigantic losses incurred in the Airport and Air Base attacks by the LTTE which need to be quickly compensated for together with all losses through their past atrocities.
The primary objective of a Government of National Unity should be to rid the Nation of the Terrorist Scourge and the commencement of the rebuilding this Great Land of Ours, with no compromises nor concessions extended to anyone involved in National Unity as it should be their bounded duty to contribute towards this unconditionally. The only concessions that should be extended if any, should be to the minorities and the general population which has suffered greatly and unnecessarily. There should be no hesitation about this resolve as the recent condemnations, denouncements and opposition to the actions of the LTTE Internationally, with pledges of support from World Leaders more so than ever before should be a more than adequate incentive and a justification towards going ahead with unmitigated determination and no meandering, towards this objective.


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