Concept of National Government With UNP Seems Doomed to Failure.

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The Concept of a National Government involving the PA and the UNP is merely a concept and appears to be doomed to failure based purely upon the inconsistencies of ideologies, and the totalitarian demands of its misguided leader and his constant vehement criticism of the President on Public Platforms. That his near slanderous outbursts are tolerated at all without admonishment and not dealt with is cause for wonderment and disbelief in the minds of the general public who concede that the tolerance must surely be based on the family ties that exist between the two individuals and the genteel disposition towards all Sri Lankans on the part of a gracious Madam President, even towards her antagonists, which indeed is a show of Class.

On the one hand Mr. Wickremasinghe indicates an interest in National Unity all the while berating the President and her every move at every available opportunity. In his latest outburst he has commented that the President is not the solution to the Nation's problems but the problem itself, categorizing her as the root cause for Sri Lanka's woes whereas all the while it is becoming more apparent that he himself is a chief contributor to many National problems and a National headache!.

In a short space of time he seems to have forgotten himself and the trail of Chaos his Party has left behind during their tenure of the Jayawardena/Premadasa Era, albeit a few token accomplishments which have fast become obscure due to the very inept and facile attitudes of the likes of himself and his caucuses apparently unaligned to the real needs of the Nation.

One would be comparing apples and oranges if the UNP and the JVP were the considerations for a Government of National Unity, as although on the one hand the UNP are a free enterprise thinking liberal political party it is full of flaws and seedy politicians as opposed to the JVP who are left aligned Marxists now treading a straight line as far as their objectives for the well being of the Nation are concerned, but where has a Marxist backed Administration ever succeeded in accomplishing the Free Movement of Democracy?. Especially one which has its leadership residing overseas and reluctant to return to Sri Lanka to enter mainstream politics? So in a sense, neither of the two entities presenting their credentials are real considerations though the latter may be marginally acceptable despite their leanings based upon their sincerity. A certain risk however is more than likely as the could eventually demand their pound of flesh reminiscent of Shylock!

Logically and in hindsight the best alternative would be for the PA to go it alone, seemingly difficult by way of numbers presently but a solution to this dilemma must be found even on a temporary basis until dissolution of Parliament and General Elections are called, as contrary to the experts, the PA should have a slender advantage of a clear mandate from the voting public now fed up with the UNP antics and their attempts to wrest power at any cost.

Finally the most damaging straw towards the UNP's failure has to be their arrogant bourgeois mentality and their stand taken towards the LTTE problem where the UNP apparently has a dangerously sympathetic view towards the LTTE, ready to grant them too may concessions and the JVP vehemently opposed to any concessions towards a terrorist group bent on destruction, anarchy and murder which holds them on firmer ground towards National Unity. Concessions towards a terrorist group in the guise of liberators at this stage seems inconceivable as they no longer represent the needs of the Tamil Community, themselves divided in evaluating their needs painfully aware that the LTTE have failed them, plunging their community further into a morass of misery rather than delivering them into the' Promised Land'! wherever that may be!!

A National Government with the UNP appears to be a bubble most likey to burst and founded on flimsy criteria non beneficial to a hurting Nation where the rich would only get richer and the poor, poorer, with the Bank Accounts and material gains of the politicians swelling while a greater proportion of the Nation's population continues to live below the poverty line or are undergoing tremendous hardships unrelated to the Gross National Product, whatever it may be!.



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