Mr. Prime Minister And His Bravado On Lifting Ban On LTTE.

Nandimithra - Jathyanthara Sinha Balawegaya For LankaWeb

It has been reported that the Prime Minister Wickremasinghe is set to remove the ban imposed on the LTTE on his return to Sri Lanka from his Indian trip and what kind of bravado would motivate such a statement almost in defiance of the International Alliance Against Terrorism which has not backed down in its condemnation of the LTTE, or is this once again the two faced cheap propaganda being broadcast by Eelamnation carrying out its role as a distributor of puerile sensationalism without a semblance of truth nor aligned with the semantics of due process which the LTTE are running away from while synonymously presenting a bold front to the Long Arm Of Justice?

It is becoming more and more visible through the outrageous expressionism of the so called aspirants of a hypothetical State of Eelam, lately becoming more pronounced in the dialogue of the LTTE especially with India, in a manner unprecedented since the exit of the PA regime and in their latest trumpet blowing has challenged India for recognition of their "eventual' status as a separate Tamil Nation whereas the all too visible reality is that the only recognition they are likely to get is that of being an outcast terror group wanted for murder, treason and crimes against humanity. Much reading between the lines seems to be needed in order for the projected kindnesses by the UNP towards their kindred LTTE to be interpreted as a likely malaise that could easily tear into the infrastructure of a United Sri Lanka in the name of peace!

With due respect to the strategies involved in falsely projecting an interest in lasting peace with no indication of a de-commissioning of weapons nor any denouncement of their idealogies for secession, it appears to be a master move by the LTTE to buy time, unload weapons containers and wait for a prudent opportunity to wrest the military advantage in the North and East, while the cacaphonous meanderings of the likes of Dr. Jayalath Jayawardena carry on a meaningless dialogue towards a peace beyond his comprehension, all the while being well aware of the darker aspirations of his covert involvement with the LTTE alongside a motley bunch of fortunately victorious parliamentarians. (Such Is The Reality Of Being Elected To Sri Lanka Representative Rank, Mostly Out Of Sheer Luck Based On The Poor Vision Of The Voters Whose Consumer Needs Oftentimes Far Outweigh National Ones And Provide The See -Sawing Nature Of Sri Lankan Politics! )

There appears to be ominous signs of a mounting build up between the decision makers within the Ruling Party and the majority Sinhalese in total concern about the future of the Unitary State which can only be decreed by the abolition and disbanding of the LTTE. And in the manner of a careening runaway train the UNP appear to be heading towards a collision of abject derision involving the voters who mandated their rule albeit the tenure which may be of a temporary annual nature decided purely through the manner of their conduct towards the better interests of the Nation unrelated to terrorist propaganda! A Nation whose real reins still rest in the hands of the President biding her time in all wisdom.


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