Times of India reports that the Tigers threaten to resume terrorist attacks in Colombo!

Nandimithra JSBC for LankaWeb

Ill advised and high handed as it sounds, the Times of India's Sunday Edition carries the news item of 'a news report' that the Tigers have been ordered by 'Supremo'Prabhakaran to resume attacks on the City of Colombo, so could the Times of India please be a bit more specific about this news report and its source as its authenticty needs to be verified for security reasons!.It also reports that two Black Tiger Squads have already been dispatched to Colombo to carry out these attacks in a bid to force the Government's hand to accept their recent demands.

While thanking the Times of India for their most informative report on the strength of which a full alert must be initiated to protect Colombo, there is speculation as to whether this report has been originated by the LTTE themselves in collaboration with the Indian Media to cause panic in advance and throw the Administration into confusion and if this is the real intent, then they are in for a rude shock.

Another vain attempt by the LTTE prior to their eventual annihilation with the use of false bravado but this time around whether the Tigers be Black or Blue the hiding perhaps may turn out to be of a Black and Blue nature that could possibly be handed out to them in response to their cowardly acts of terrorism and what awaits them in the event of the threatened attacks cannot be disclosed being of a confidential and classified nature.

That they are a group of highly organized and ruthless terrorists is accepted internationally and that their past record of attrocities has been well noted Globally is also true but this time around they will have to be exceedingly lucky to be able to subjugate the Government without paying a supreme price coined with the 'Supremos' threats as the International joining of hands to deal with this very same terrorist threat this time around will be the key factor which should be a deterrent to these high minded autocrats with criminal intent and it seems an appropriate time to cordon them off and deal with them as they will be playing into the hands of the Government which has a few surprises in store for them together with the backing of Powerful International Support which has grown fed up with the continued threats to the Sovereignity of Sri Lanka and Her Population.


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