Implement the Re-Introduction of the Death Penalty

By Suranimala for LankaWeb

Although the death penalty has been officially re-introduced some years ago in Sri Lanka it still seems to lie dormant while horrendous attrocities are being committed against society and more importantly against the Administration itself and it may not be such a bad idea to implement it as a deterrent.

Specifically it should include armed robberies where murder is committed, treason against the State and any other high crimes and misdemeanors where loss of life and proven espionage are involved as the time is well nigh at hand for zero tolerance where tolerance only lends an air of indifference in the wake of heinous crimes being committed almost regulary around the country.

The bands of brigands comprising of ex Military Deserters and their cohorts in organized gangs are wreaking havoc in certain populated parts of the country and built up areas within the Metropolis of Colombo and the suburbs as well as tourist populated areas which have been recently targetted and many murders and high handed criminal acts have been committed.The perpetrators of such crimes should head the list eligible for capital punishment as otherwise the mayhem will continue.

Ironically, in addition to the LTTE problem and the subversive forces attempting to bring down the Government there are highly organized criminal elements fully armed and carrying out brazen acts of violence and terrorizing neighbourhoods where the Local Policing does not seem upto par and people live in fear and apprehension.

Should not these criminals be brought to justice and neighbourhoods made safer to live in? Where is the moral authority to protect the lives and property of individuals resting these days while the execution chamber at Welikada Prison is gathering rust and apprehended criminals are being sustained at the taxpayer's expense?

The longer it is permitted to continue unabated, this current trend by organized criminals will only add to the destabilization of the country as they could very well have terrorist links and can no longer be swept under the carpet or ignored as somthing that will eventually go away!.

Many prospective tourist from European and Western Countries are fast becoming aware of the attrocities being committed by these criminals and choose to avoid Sri Lanka as a Holiday Destination and consequently a huge loss of Revenue would surely follow though it should not be viewed as a priority while noting its significant importance.

The Hon. Mr. Mangala Samaraweera in a very recent article to the Daily News refers to an Industrial Mafia well organized by big business people with high finances and criminal objectives powerful enough to back the Opposition's attempt to overthrow the PA Government and should they too not be included in the list of those eligible for capital punishment for crimes against the State? considering the dreaded connotations of links to any kind of Mafia!

There are countries with very stringent methods of punishment for such crimes, among them the USA,China, some Latin American Countries and may Islamic Countries implementing Sharia Law with no sympathies shown to high crimes involving loss of life or treason and perhaps Sri Lanka should follow their example.If the Death Penalty has been re-introduced it should be implemented to punish those deserving it with no reservations!!.


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