Minor Setbacks Need a Change in Strategy .

Suranimala-JSBC for LankaWeb

Wars were never won easily,nor by fervent expectations from the Gods but by judicious strategy, especially the one being waged by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces against a group of internationally recognized terrorists who eventually will end up being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Historically it has been proven that the tail end of a stubborn resistance like the one being shown currently by the LTTE often tends to be stronger than at the inception, and prior to its back being broken! and the Sri Lankan Armed Forces need to bide their time and move precisely whilst minimizing losses to their rank and file whilst conserving their resources for the final assult on the jugular of the LTTE who categorically are a spent force albeit their recent showing of firepower.

Perhaps the present costly offensive by way of terrain which did not favour heavy armoured vehicles, nor provide adequate space or cover possibly should have been averted, as it has tantamounted to a 'minimal advantage' gained by the terrorists, according to the analysts and the foreign news media with little or no bearing to the realities which seem to point in the direction of a badly timed and executed move and no real advantage except an exaggerated and falsified one, according to reports by the pro LTTE factions known for their sensationalism.The Tamil Net in particular.

Troops constantly fall back or retreat as part of strategy which if interpreted as an advantage to the LTTE by the analysts is really a misconception as the Armed Forces are well aware that the LTTE have nowhere to run in the end and biding time would seem very plausible.

However the Media Hyenas who constantly come to the wrong conclusions should be cautioned about the inaccurate and inappropriate presentation of facts and the importance of accuracy as opposed to news items which are totally misleading, e.g.the recent MSN article whose origins are from India and picked up by the BBC which points in no uncertain terms to a victory by the LTTE in the present campaign which really belongs in the Trash Can! as the realities of the LTTE casualties have been suppressed.

The Strategies and Renewed War Council Moves in the manner of the Great Victorious Military leaders such as Churchill, Eisenhower, MacArthur and Patton to name a few were always in the face of heavy opposition and were never deterred by teritorial and other temporary setbacks and were based on intensity, cunning and wisdom in eventually outmanouvering and wiping out the enemy which seems an attainable goal for the Sri Lankan Armed Forces as well and has to be accomplished with minimal casualties and loss of lives.


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