Times of India's report thet the PA Govt id "UNP bashing" pure conjecture.

By Suranimala JSBI for LankaWeb

As usual the Times of India has jumped the gun speculating that the PA Government is resorting to 'UNP bashing' due to its collaborating with Tamil Political Groups and the LTTE as a direct result of the anticipated No Confidence Motion tabled recently. This conclusion by the Times of India is the furthest from the truth amounting to nothing but insidious propaganda projected by pro-LTTE sympathisers whose interpretation of the Government's strong response to the No Confidence motion based on the need for National Unity is fashioned to suit their needs rather than the needs of the country with the Times of India in this instance as their voice.

One surmises as to which source or sources of information promote such propaganda other than the speculative imaginations of the opponents of the Government and is hardly impartial journalism nor accurate news reporing but mere hearsay with no substantial evidence to corroborate their statements. With defeat and rejection staring them in the face, the UNP and the minority groups in favour of the No Confidence Motion nevertheless seem to be pressing forward in a last ditch effort, their futile attempts to topple the Government when they should in reality be the primary supporters of the Government's objectives to bring Sri Lanka to a stable footing and maintain National Unity.

This Propaganda by the Times of India is part of a recent coalition of voices, almost conspiratorially sympathetic towards the LTTE and anti Government factions, commonly verbose and blatant in how they voice their opinions on all matters related to the Government and its policies, regardless of their credibilities, as long as the end to bring down the Government at any cost is their main ambit and justifies its means.

As far as bashing is concerned, it is the UNP that has indulged in the worst kind of bashing against the PA Government on every kind of political platform in recent times including attempts to denigrate the highest legal authority in the land combined with statements such as their readiness to de-proscribe the LTTE while threatening to oppose and negate many Governmnent Policies and Decisions towards stabilizing the economy and restoring order within the strife torn Nation, together with their tiny minded projections directed at opposing all Goverment Directives in the event of the success of the No Confidence Motion, with no real backing from any sustantial political faction.

The more sensible groups such as the JVP and Sihala Urumaya together with other loyal Minority groups are totally aware of the dangers involved in a No Confidence Motion being carried as it would spell anarchy and destabilization which the opposition seem to be aiming at, seemingly unconcerned with its implications nor the lurking LTTE waiting to cash in on the resulting instability and alarming ramifications of disunity with dire consequences.

The sooner News engines such as the Times of India realize that they are pawns in a dangerous game of subterfuge and false propaganda probably unwittingly and desist from such propaganda statements in the future,the better, as it will certainly facilitate the return to a normal order the already torn lives of the many hopeful Sri Lankans living in anticipation of the prospect of peace, stability and unity as being a part of their existence.


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