Publicise the Secret Pact.

By A.A.M.NIZAM Matara

The TULF which through their infamous 1976 Vaddukkodai Resolution enkindled the elusive terrorist objective of forming a Separate State, reaffirmed in their last election manifesto that "the unitary character of the [Sri Lankan] state is a serious impediment to the effective sharing of power".

When the elections were over, it assumed a new role of acting as the political wing of the LTTE. On 29th December last year, TULF formed a coalition with other Tamil Groups supportive of the separatist goal and resolved to agitate for their objectives.

Among the resolutions arrived at this meeting were that the armed forces in the North and East should be confined to the barracks and the government should recognize the right to self-determination (a camouflaged phrase for separation). Following this they held a series of discussions with foreign Ambassadors, including U.S., British, Swiss, Norwegian, EU, Dutch to canvass their support or sympathy to their cause. They also made a visit to India to canvass Indian support for their new move on behalf of the LTTE.

Whilst the British proscription against the terrorist outfit was in the purview, they made aggressive efforts to prevent it. In this attempt they were even helped by the main opposition party UNP which branded the proscription as a matter that does not concern Sri Lanka but it was an internal matter for Britain.

The UNP leader was dumb to demands by the patriotic masses to express his views publicly on the issue. On the contrary, the UNP allowed their MPs to agitate against the proscription and even become signatories to the LTTE sponsored petition demanding non-proscription.

All attempts made by LTTE, its sycophants, and servile NGOs to get it de-proscribed in the guise of peace talks failed due to the firm stand taken by the government. Their objective was to use it as a green card for getting the international bans lifted.

Addressing a news conference in Colombo on June 18th to express the UNP's position Mr. Tyronne Fernando emphasized the need to de-proscribe the LTTE. Following this the UNP has tabled a no-confidence motion on the government which had been signed by the UNP and the Tamil Parties.

TELO leader Mr. Selvam Adaikalanathan has said that his party is supporting the no confidence motion as UNP has agreed on its condition to lift the ban on LTTE.

TULF is silent on its conditions and UNP's promises for signing the motion. Do the TULF/UNP secret pact include withdrawal of our valiant soldiers to barracks; de-proscription of LTTE and hand-over of North East administration to the terrorists.

As the Minister Dr. Amunugama has rightly pointed out that the people who voted for UNP voted for the elephant and not for the Tiger and the leadership has no right to betray the UNP voters to the terrorists.

Therefore, UNP should disclose their secret pact with the Tamil parties before the no confidence motion is taken up for debate. Avarice to power should not lead to the abyss of betraying national interests.



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