Paradise Lost MUST Be Regained!

Professor Sir Hudson McLean, Scotland

Ceylon or Sri Lanka was home to my family for two generations. My father, a planter, brought up our family to love this beautiful Island, called at that time Ceylon. It was a Paradise for all those who lived.

My family had both Sinhala and Tamil friends, and we all got on well together.Under the British rule, problems were solved either by dialogue or by legal means.

Recently, I spent a memorable fortnight in your beautiful Island of Sri Lanka, visiting Kandy, Nuwara Eliya (where I enjoyed a game of early morning golf), Hikkaduwa and then dropped by to meet our family friend Professor Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

The ghastly conflict largely created by Tamil extremists has done irreparable damage to the country as a whole and destroyed whatever respect I had for the Tamils.

The British, in their wisdom did not partition Ceylon because there was nothing to partition. The entire Island was the Sovereign State of Ceylon. Most of the Tamils were brought in by the British to work on the tea estates. A few thousand were the left overs of various invaders from South of India. And the rest were illegal immigrants. The Island as a whole belonged to the original ethnic inhabitants, the Sinhala. Period.

There are several problems which are the roots of the current crisis which has unnecessarily dragged on for so long.

1: In fighting between selfish politicians of the major parties, who are continuously placing their own selfish interests before those of Sri Lanka.

2: The honey pot brigade who are printing money out of the conflict at the expense of poor innocent civilians and citizens, both Sinhala and Tamil.

3: The unbelievably inept, unprofessional, badly trained, third class armed forces led by a group of top brass, who would not be given an opportunity to polish boots of an army sergeant of British Blue Berets.

4: Any armed force MUST be led from the TOP. Meaning, right from the Minister of Defence.

In the case of Sri Lanka, the President. Unfortunately your President has equally inept group of advisors. The solution, theoretically, may sound but in fact is somewhat complicated.

1: Sri Lankan armed forces might throw away their pride and invite full time highly visible professional military advisors. They may be brought in from Israel (the world's No:1), supported by British Marines, Blue Berets and the SAS. Better stick to British since, they have a better understanding due to historical past, but also invite American assistance.

2: Give the armed forces a free hand, with a clear brief, without political interference, to clear the Tamil Tiger menace. We know that the Indians failed, but this does not mean that every other armed forces will fail too.

3: Take a leaf out of the Israeli book and ignore the world public opinion for just three months. Red Cross, Human Rights and Amnesty International, are noble organizations but one cannot simply listen to public opinions whilst the country is bleeding.

4: The international supporters are getting quite tired of this never ending long drawn out conflict, which the Tamil Tigers have as much a chance of winning as the sun rising from the West.

5: According to our research unit, the Tamil population in the North East is nowhere near as claimed by the LTTE. They are bluffing. Call their bluff.

6: In our considered opinion, the peace negotiator Erik Solheim is another LTTE instrument.

The Sri Lankan government knew of this from the beginning, but in the personal selfish commercial interests of a few, Solheim was Dollars from Heaven.

Right now, Sri Lanka, her President, the Armed Forces are a big joke. An international laughing stock. The name Bandaranyake will be written in the history books, as a family who sold out Sri Lanka to the Devil!

Paradise Lost! But Paradise MUST Be Regained! As Milton said.

But do they care?


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