A.A.M.NIZAM Matara.

Several countries including U.S.A. Britain, and India have deplored the barbarous LTTE attack at Katunyake. This is the civilised form of expressing solidarity and sharing grief when a nation is afflicted with some disaster or calamity. However, the shameless treacherous UNP leader whose deep-rooted greed for power had shown that he lacks even this civilised courtesy when the whole country is engulfed in grief.

Instead of condemning the LTTE, he has condemned the Government and has urged to reconvene the Parliament. (Reconvene Parliament for what? Can it restore the damage caused?)

Addressing a news conference, exclusively reported by LTTE's Tamilnet, he has deputised the megalomaniac terrorist leader by reminding the threat issued by LTTE over the earlier air raids of its TAMIL HOMELAND.

By this statement he has inferred that Sri Lanka should not have carried out air raids when even though intelligence reports confirmed enemy's preparation for an onslaught, and the Katunayake attack was just a retaliation for the crime committed by Sri Lanka for launching the air-strikes.

Since the day he emerged as the leader of the UNP, following LTTE's assassination of Mr. Gamini Dissanayake, he had continuously paid tribute and gratitude to LTTE by being dumb, never condemning its atrocities, or by finding fault with the government or the armed forces for the crimes of terrorists.

It is true that he would have been a zilch politically, if Mr. Gamini Dissanayake was alive but this is not the way to pay gratitude, as for anyone with an iota of self-respect and patriotism the country should be dear than anything else.

It is Sri Lanka's real misfortune to have a leader of the opposition who is an open collaborator of the nation's enemy.

The terrorists who carried out the outrageous act at Katunayake could never have infiltrated the area without some powerful assistance.

The recent anti-government demonstration of the UNP helped people to enter Colombo area, even in thousands, without proper security checks.

Further UNP has scores of MPs who are more loyal to LTTE than the UNP, such as Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene, inhabitant of the District coming under Katunayake, Jaffna's Maheswaran, Nuwara Eliya's Chandrasekaran, and several others who are outwardly green but have deep rooted tiger spots like their leader.

These MPs enjoy many parliamentary privileges that could be cleverly utilised by the enemy when required.

Time has come for the people to discard their petty party affiliations and jointly work for total rejection and exposure of these treacherous politicians with tiger spots who never fail to betray the nation for their self-emoluments.


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