Searching For The Solution To the Ethnic Crisis.

Suranimala - Jathyanthara Singha Balawegaya For LankaWeb

They have overstepped all their metes and bounds and still continue to destroy the nation, these insignificant band of rabids who call themselves the LTTE and Why?

Because of complacency, fear and the corruption on the part of politicians with no direction except to satiate their personal objectives with little thought to the fragility of the Nation and its vulnerabilities.The most culpable being the majority Sinhalese whose infighting and disunity at many levels has exposed the achilles heel of inconsistency and double standards which the LTTE of the minority Tamils have cleverly learnt to attack with a huge measure of devastative success.

And what does the President do in a crisis? Hop across the 'pond' to the UK and express her interest in unconditional peace negotiations with no declassification of weapons with the LTTE and a willingness to de-proscribe them as the world wonders what priorities the Sri Lankan Government is looking at? and looming larger than life is the possibility of accidentally playing into the hands of the LTTE !!.

Even if this was interpreted as a tactical move to distract the current surge of the LTTE prior to the General Elections there is no justification for it based on Jurisprudence relative to the logistics of Law and Order.It seems to be a pathetic example of a majority being subjugated by a minority.Each time there is an attack in a public place, Naval or other Military Holdings and facilities the Nation shudders and winces in dismay at how little is being done in reality y to counter it!

This is a climate to bring in the big guns and implement every minute detail of law enforcement available to the Administration even if it entails activating ruthlessly, the Death Penalty for crimes against the State and the murder of innocent individuals, cleaning up likely areas of Cities Towns and Urban Areas where terrorist activity can propagate undercover with the protection and collaboration of sympathisers who need to be corraled and severely punished.

This is a time when security intelligence and undercover activities must step into high gear and a National Campaign of awareness put into place with high incentives and protection for those willing to provide information about any subversive activity by groups as well as individuals as no terrorist attack can ever be perpetrated without collaboration and the provision of vital information always provided by insiders.

There is little likelihood that suicide bombers of the LTTE are ever recruited or trained in Sinhalese populated areas and if they arrive in the Cities and Towns from the rural North, East and North East by way of LTTE strategy and training, yet they have neither direction nor accommodations to reach their targets other than by way of localised 'inside' help and hence the need for a Special Task Force outside the existing STF unless revamped to seek out and apprehend these' helpers' and all collaborators to disrupting safety and security.

Certain areas of the City of Colombo both in the business and residential sectors present likely enclaves of LTTE support very likely to collaborate through offered incentives, consentual support or intimidation, the ongoing LTTE operations which need to be cleaned up immediately though the imminent problem of resistance is more than likely to raise its head as the issues of discrimination and harrassment would come into play on business and residents being ousted albeit prioritising a necessary evil.

Yet, the writing's on the wall and there is little choice for the Government as the safety of peace loving citizens take precedence over suspicious individuals, businesses and communities bearing a semblance of suspicion of allegiance towards the LTTE and needs to be purged! Terror must be met head on, countered efficiently and put down.

The ridiculous juxtaposition of the need for peace and the need to eradicate the harmful entity disrupting the peace has caused a dilemma of vast proportions to a Government seeking re-election and presents a 'catch 22' situation in as far as the correct decision and end result are concerned but being faint hearted and moderate while contradicting the Alliance Against International Terrorism is no resolution to the Nations highest priority, the elimination of the LTTE through every means available.


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