Comments Of Lt.Gen. Balagalle At Unicef Seminar Rather Incongruous.

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The list of morons and exponents of worthless verbose rhetoric within the new Lankan Administration and Security Forces seem to be growing and another in the form of Army Commander Lt.Gen.Lionel Balagalle has surfaced with his ridiculous and rather incongruous comments that the LTTE terrorist guerillas should be recruited into the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. Hypothetically, many wonder who the Honorable Commander intends to engage in the next offensive post haste to this suggested recruitment, hopefully none of our Nuclear Armed Neighbours (said tongue in cheek! of course)

At a UNICEF seminar for the protection of children and their rights against recruitment for military purposes, the General has been overly eloquent in a blatant and irresponsible display worthy of a 'Soap Box Orator At A Sunday Fair' rather than the holder of high Military Office and Rank.

If Lt.Gen Balagalles' expresionism was in any way plausible by acceptable tenets relative to National Security and the logic of Military Resolve pertinent and foreseeble as applicable
to any situation, then in the same token, as examples The Allies of World War 2 should have recruited the Nazis to bolster their efficiencies, the Israeli Army should consider recruiting Hamas and Hezbullah terrorists into their military ranks as should the British Army, the IRA , The US Forces, the VietCong and recently Al Quaeda and a host of other Global Situations where recruiting into their ranks, ruthless terrorists tearing Nations apart would seemingly present a viable solution to the issue at hand which so far has never happened and is reprehensible, inconceivable and totally unacceptable within any norms.

In addition to being an insult to the predominantly Sinhalese patriotic sons and daughters of Sri Lanka who represent the Sri Lankan Armed Forces who would most likely find themselves in a humiliating " catch 22" situation at the mere thought of such a foolhardy suggestion and more than likely cause a rather chaotic turnaround of events which the LTTE would certainly welcome as involuntary strategy in their favour, it seems to be a rather twisted psyche of an individual who is an appointed leader of high rank whose Military Strategies seem somewhat confused, distorted and consequently very questionable.

That the many expressions towards posterity being offered by various pundits within the New Administration appear to be floating from the ridiculous to the sublime and projecting it as a laughing stock in the eyes of many analysts and observers around the World is fast becoming obvious and the recent article in the National Post Of Canada entitled "Tamil Eelam A Breeding Ground For Suicide Bombers" echoes this very sentiment as the gist of the article Highlights the Pseudo Public Relations side of the LTTE in their desperation to be reprieved of the huge crimes against Sri Lanka and the World and the inference that Lt. Gen. Balagalle may be inadvertently suggesting transforming the Sri Lankan Armed Forces into an elite band of Suicide Bombers sounds rather appropriate!!
The day might not even be too far away when the next senile cacophonist of the UNF or the Armed Forces, whichever comes first (and then there are many!) might suggest inviting the likes of Velupillai Praphakaran, Pottu Amman and Anton Balasingham to take up Ministries within its Administration rather than being tried for crimes against humanity and appears to be a New Wave Tower Hall Comic Scenario being re- enacted all over again!
Only, this time it isn't funny !!!


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