Prof. Hudson McLean

The Tamil character is generally regarded as plain simple and unimaginative compared to that of the Muslim. As one might notice, now as well as in the past, the Muslims “sail with the wind”.

When the Muslims smelled what the winds of peace might bring to the destitute population in the North, the Muslim leadership jumped in with both feet to embrace the very same Prabhakaran who slaughtered their own fellow brethren only a decade ago.

The Sinhala who gave refuge to the Muslims in the hour of their need was a thing of the past. Such are the gestures of gratitude when the human greed takes over human principles. Pilgrimage of the Muslim leaders to the jungles of Wanniya to pay homage to the great Saviour of Tamil-Muslim culture with a kick in the teeth to the Sinhala in the South, was the order of the day.

As many contributors to LankaWeb has pointed out, the Tamil LTTE build up of offensive positions in the South, Central hills are in place. We are made to understand that some of the Tiger terrorists who moved in with several Sinhala women have fathered the next generation of their seed right in the midst of the Sinhala populace.

Are we to take the current Muslim-Tamil flare-up in the NE seriously or is it just a distraction set up by the LTTE and their Muslim partners in arms as a diversion?

Is it just a prelude to test the waters, to see how the Sri Lankan Defence establishment would move in an emergency?

And is it a diversion to move the defense focus onto the NE whilst the Black Tigers get their acts in place in the South?

Or the other side of the coin.

Did the Sri Lankan Defence Forces (SLDF) instigate the Muslim-Tamil conflict to enable the SLDF to move in to the NE with a legitimate reason?

Or was it the Indians who were behind the flare-up in order to smoke the hornets out of the nest to get an audit on their strength?

We are nearing the September 11th, first anniversary. The entire civilised world is going to stand up and observe two minutes of silence, as a mark of respect for those who perished, under most gruesome unwarranted circumstances.

LTTE terrorists are fully aware of this and are likely to kick start their terrorism under the pretext of a different theme. Muslims who are receiving no sympathy from any quarter including the Middle Eastern oil Sheikhs, will get no support if the LTTE decided to wave them a final goodbye.

When the riots spread to Colombo by end of July - mid August, the LTTE terrorists will grab the opportunity to start their war against the Colombo government under a different flag.

Naturally, the LTTE expects that the SLDF will also take the LTTE on, probably in a ruthless offensive position. This will give the LTTE all the ammunition they need to blow the fuses simultaneously in the NE, South and in the Hills.

If the SLDF wishes to be two steps ahead, the SLDF should now grab the opportunity to delve in with all the muscle to engage in several preemptive offensives into known LTTE positions, in lightning strikes. Just do a Sharon!

As we see from the news media, the major players such as the BBC and the leading Indian Press are observing the goings on with great enthusiasm since most of them are expecting the obvious. The media are anticipating the LTTE to spread the Muslim conflict to Colombo and Kandy during late July 2002.

Like Uncle Mac predicted in several of my scribbles, the fireworks are due to start before September 2002.

With all the media focussing on the imaginary Peace Carnival due to start in Thailand in May or June or July or August 2002 or whenever, the LTTE needed a damn good excuse to cancel officially the Peace process which the LTTE NEVER did plan to attend. This was a cheap “confidence trick” created by Doctor Anton Balasingham and Colonel Adele B, since neither them nor the Terrorist-in-Chief had any dreams of such a programme in reality.

Of course the SL President CBK knew this jolly well and Her Excellency played her cards with an open deck, and shooting straight from her hip. But, RanilW, as a damned good poker player, played in a different style, with his suave aristocratic Etonian nose-up.

Naturally, the world awaits to see how RanilW responds when the proverbial “sh-t hits the fan”!


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