Brash Talking Thangavelu Represents The Arrogant Innuendos Of The LTTE And Elicits A Need To Be Responded To By The Authorities.

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Velupillai(A first name of nefarious importance to the Sinhala Nation )Thangavelu of the LTTE and a partner in infamy with Suresh Manickavasagam currently under deportation orders in Canada proudly declares that "So far not a single penny belonging to the Sri Lankan terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has been frozen either by Canada or by the United States" so its upto the Sri Lankan Government to verify this with the authorities concerned as one of President George W. Bush's as well as British Prime Minister John Chretien's foremost responses to the September 11th terrorist attacks was to initiate, approve and ratify the freezing of funds of all suspected terrorist entities within their definition as dangerous terrorist organizations which also incorporated the Tamil Tigers without compromise and if Thangavelu has the affront to contradict this the USA and Canada must have little importance in the eyes of the LTTE despite it being analogous with a dog barking at the moon in derision and frustration albeit the deeper existence of conspiratorial intentions by the LTTE in broadcasting this blatant propaganda message which probably is a carefully orchestrated psychological tactic which has a ring of theoretician Anton Balasingham's idealogies to it. Ironically Sri Lankan Representative Moragoda is currently conducting a dialogue towards peace with the multiple personalitied Balasingham in London.Balasingham has also corroborated Thangavelu's brash proclamations if a point needs to be made about conspiratorial intonations.

Both the United States and Canada have officially declared the LTTE as being a banned terrorist group and their governments have initiated ratified legislation together with quite a few other leading Nations of which the United Kindom is also a part of, to freeze their assets and nullify their activities so if Thangavelu's statement is to be confronted and challenged the Government has a certain responsibility towards the Sinhala Nation to stand up to and maintain the accuracy of its own statement to the Washington Post as otherwise the growing skepticism that the Wickremasinghe Administration is merely' pulling the wool' over the Nation's eyes and continues to manouver its empathy towards the LTTE while falsely consoling the Nation with statements such as the one by the Prime Minister would be rather detrimental to his credibilities.

Thangavelu President of the World Tamil Creative Writers Association, a Toronto based LTTE front organization in a communique to the Washington Post and other LTTE propaganda fronts in responding to Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe's statement that money crunch was a great problem for the LTTE has vehemently denied it in an almost derogatory manner in contradicting the Prime Minister's statement to the Washington Post during his recent visit to the White House that LTTE activities have been greatly restricted and curtailed as a direct result of the impositions of bans and the freezing of their financial and other assets during the past year.

The Prime Minister's conclusions based on reliable Intelligence Sources and in depth research done through official channels and ridiculed by LTTE's Thangavelu bears testimony to the extent to which the LTTE would go towards discrediting the Government and the sheer arrogance with which it is presented needs an immediate response. The Prime Minister was quoted as saying "The money once helped the LTTE a great deal but they were not able to get the money across in the last year." end quote, to the Washington Post to which Thangavelu has replied rather sourfacedly! and can only be interpreted as a smoke screen created to draw attention to their personal aspirations through misleading the Nation as well as the International Community.

It is hoped the the Authorities concerend will take immediate necessary stept to outline to the LTTE they they still continue to be a banned entity and thet their assets have indeed been frozen for the past year despite fabricated evidence and statistics which do not overide the aggreements and litigation set in place by the Governments of the USA, Canada, Great Britain and many other countries to curtail and wipe out International Terrorism and have unanimously mandated it as a requirement of the New World Order in the best interests of all its citizens.



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