Wakeup Call to all Good Thinking Sinhalese People,

It is time to make way - for the Tamils to Develop in Investing, Research, Education, Import / Export, Progress, Mind their own matters without the inteference by the Srilankan Government or by anybody else. This is the best Solution for Peace & Progress in Srilanka.

Whether the Island nation in the Indian ocean is One Country or Two Countries, the Tamils & the Sinhalese have to live side by side, whether we like it or not.

1). Let us not make a mistake, fire power is not alone going to solve the problem.

2). By fighting we will only make the arms dealers rich.

3). We will make the other Countries to prey on us.

4). Known devil is better than an unknown evil.

5). Sinhalese & Tamils are like a good married couple. We have a lot in common.

6). Let us not make the problem in hand, worse & which cannot be solved.

7). Tamils & Sinhalese must fight and die by buying arms fron USA & Israel for the citizens of USA & ISRAEL to buy bread for 99 cents.

It is sad that we Tamils & Sinhalese are making ourselves enemies. Let us make a move for peace before it is too late.

This is genuine call.

Concerned for the future of Sinhalese & Tamils, and for all the people who say I am a Srilankan, and not for those who are born in Srilanka and say they are Arabs.

Let us be honest.
A good Srilankan living in Canada.





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