The President's Concerns Must Motivate Exercising Presidential Authority.

Nandimithra- Jathyanthara Singha Balavegaya For LankaWeb

Presidential Might, Insight and Vision has finally surfaced in the only dialogue which so far makes sense to the Sinhala Nation and it has to be emphasized SINHALA NATION as there is no need to prevaricate on the reality of what Sri Lanka really is, a Nation of Majority Sinhalese who have tolerated beyond reason the rights of the minorities who lived in peaceful co-existence for centuries resolving their differences within the framework of a structured democracy but when, from the rank and file of the minorities there arises an upsurge of anarchy, evil and greed motivated power complemented by the sheer fallibility of despots such as the decision makers of the present Administration, a Presidential Order must be the only acceptable norm by which Sri Lanka will remain a Sovereign nation.

Its about time the hand of Presidential Jurisdiction took over the lunatic band of UNF Nation Betrayers and told them where to deposit their opportunistic Peace Accord and Ceasefire which comprises the MOU with the LTTE, veritably in the trash can!.Comparisons of great accuracy to the discerning mind and those who remember Sri Lankan History ( more apropriately Ceylon History Before and after the British) are being made between The Wickremasinghe Administration and Don Juan Dharmapala the great betrayer of Sri Lanka and to lend credence to the doubts about the MOU even at this very moment it is being pursued by nefarious names such as Erik Solheim and Anton Balasingham whose previous attempts at peace ended belly up and unacceptable due to the lopsided demands of the LTTE ably supported by Solheim whose leanings towards the LTTE were obvious together with his tainted personal image.

There is a ridiculous wave of propaganda being spearheaded by another Sinhalese Self Imposed Proclaimer of what he beleives is the best for Sri Lanka through his misguided concepts and a misrepresentation of the Sinhala Nations Mandate in the last election, that the elected Government was given the go ahead to unconditionally grant LTTE demands in restoring normalcy to the embattled nation as the MOU suggests and that the opposition to it is in a visible minority, courtesy of Prof. G.L. Peiris who rightfully belongs with the New Wave of Nation Betraying Dharmapalas together with his associates of the UNF in an almost desperate bid to somehow play into the hands of the LTTE with no consideration towards the reprisals which may include a severe backlash from the Nation's concerned Sinhalese and a counter reaction from the then dejected LTTE who nonetheless have to be quelled and vaquished with no granting of rights as they do not comprehensively represent the Tamil Community, the dynamics of which have been proven time and time again through the reactions of the many dissenting Tamil Communities which want no part of the LTTE as their champions.

As it is the President's prerogative to be the ultimate decision maker of the Nation regardless of what the UNF projects as its right in the presumptious manner it has chosen to pre-empt the Nation's security and the real will of the people who count, She has every right to set in place the accords needed and cast aside any doubts that hers is the Primary Right to decide what's best for the Nation as she undoubtedly has the backing of the Majority Sinhalese, The High Clergy of the Buddhist Chapters who beleive in unison that the present MOU as it is presented will ultimately cause havoc, destruction and perhaps even the demise of the Sinhala Nation as we know it today.



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