Tamil Guardian Supports LTTE Idealogies While Circumventing The Sinhala Nation

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The London based LTTE organ, the Tamil Guardian, blaming the Sri Lanka Army's alleged truce violations says Talks on the Peace Agreement could be further delayed beyond mid-June, but what is the Authority or jurisdiction of this mendacious bi-partisan organization to make such proclamations in the face of all the proven and rather blatant real violations of the MoU for Peacewhich being carried out by the LTTE . Criticizing the Army's failure to withdraw from temples and schools and stating that it could further delay the first direct talks between the LTTE and Sri Lanka Government , tentatively set in mid June in Bangkok, Thailand they seem to be using the freedom of the press in an attempt to reverse the role of responsibility to implicate the Sri Lankan Army with a pack of blatant innuendoes which neither the Sinhala Nation nor the Wickremasinghe Administration would be inclined to aggree with.

References to the Norwegian deputy Foreign minister Vidar Helgessen meeting LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran on April 17 where the latter had expressed dissatisfaction with Sri Lanka delays in the implementing of the terms and conditions of the truce agreement seem to be loaded with bias and prejudice in favour of the LTTE and shows little or no degree of impartiality in the typically underhand and forked tongued dialogue which has been commonplace since the very inception of the MoU where the real breaches of violation of the Peace Move have been cleverly covered up yet not well enough to fool the more perceptive of the Nations representation which now include the High Buddhist Clergy, the Sinhala Nationalists and a greater proportion of the citizens of the land. The Tamil Guardian's transparencies pumped up on a regular basis by the Anton Balasingham idealogies tantamout to nothing but a flimsy monologue of incoherency is beginning to demand a permanent place in the rubbish dumps of broadcast journalism and hardly worth the attention they demand!

The organ said the LTTE had pointed out to the Norwegians that the ceasefire agreement had to be fully implemented before peace talks went ahead in Bangkok, Thailand apart from the other condition to de-proscribe the terrorist group and in reply the Wickremasinghe Administration has noticeably soft pedalled on the issue while prevaricating on the previously apparent assent which has seen a remarkable turnaround in policy as the Nation raises many questions about who's calling the shots? The LTTE, Norway or Sri Lanka?

The LTTE journal said , "Barely a week after the Norwegian facilitators hailed the rapid progress in Oslo peace initiative in Sri Lanka , the military is refusing to implement the terms and conditions stipulated in the indefinite ceasefire agreement signed on Feb 22 , while actively violating other aspects." It is once again questioned "what these other aspects might be " and whether they would any way be related to the preservation of Sovereign and Territorial Integrity of Sri Lanka and whether the LTTE feel thwarted in their underhand and covert attempts to gain access to previously secured areas and if so the Tamil Guardian as their spokes medium should br rather contrite and relenful of their attempts to mislead the world and divert attentions from the real issue as to who is violating the Peace Moves!

Among a long list of alleged violations by the army which in fact are tenets of requirements by the Judiciary towards National Defence the terrorist organization also said, "Triggering a sudden stand off, the Sri Lanka Navy suddenly declared the islets of the West Coast of the Jaffna peninsula which are home to several thousand Tamil civilians as a military zone and banned LTTE political cadres presently working in Jaffna town from entering. The Navy also said the Tigers could not bring their radios or wear their cyanide capsules." very definitely a condition which needs to be maintained by the Sri Lankan Government towards self preservation.

The policy of the LTTE to maintain that they are the sole representatives of the Tamil people has also been falsely represented as it is the furthest from the truth. Quoting Walter Jayawardene whose accurate information has provided the substance of this response"The policy is based on the Fascist dogma the group believes. They publicly declare the rights of other Tamil groups to exist should be denied. When the Sri Lanka government signed the MOU with the LTTE both had agreed to the principle despite the island nations constitutional guarantee of multi-party democracy. To implement their Fascist policy the LTTE have attempted to kill EPDP leader Douglas Devananda three times, once blinding an eye. The chief negotiator of the LTTE Anton Balasingham has threatened to "garland" him in a public speech he made in the London arena. It was a reference to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, who was killed by a LTTE suicide bomber while garlanding him.

On a matter of principle the Tamil Guardian should carefuly present their broadcasts to accommodate reality and not falsified jargon which g brings to bear their primary objectives to support the cause of the LTTE and circumvent the Sinhala Nation.


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