Terrorists claim Ranil's U.S.visit strengthended their cause.


The terrorist organ "Uthayan" contradicts government's bogus claim that the United States fully and indisputably appreciated and backed the so-called peace drama. The Tamil daily published in Jaffna in its lead story on 1st August, quoting an interview given to London based Tamil Guardian by the terrorist Balasingham, reveals that during Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe's recent visit, the United States emphasized that Sri Lanka should negotiate with LTTE and find a solution to the ethnic problem. The daily claims that America has thereby confirmed its acceptance of LTTE as the political entity looking after the interests of the Tamils.

Referring to the speculated meeting between the treacherous Ranil and the terrorist Prabhakaran, scheduled for end of this year as the paper claims, Balasingham has said that they have not received an official request yet from the Sri Lankan government, and if such a request was made it will be considered favourably. He has also confirmed his visit to the Vanni in September.

The news story is a clear exposition of American duplicity on terrorism and its indirect and covert assistance to the terrorists in their endeavour to establish the so-called Eelam. Contrary to the boisterous claims made by the gang of traitors in the govenrment that America fully backs the peace drama, the events that followed Mr. Wickremasinghe's visit to the United States expose the American hypocrisy. It has accepted the Sri Lankan terrorists as those fighting against discrimination by the majority, as shamelessly propounded and asserted by Ranil. The hasty and unscheduled visit made by Milinda Moragoda to see Balasingham and Ranil's sudden desire to see the megalamaniac Prabhakaran could undoubtedly have been ordered by the Americans.

This is not the first time that Americans have acted against Sri Lanka and helped in the efforts to segregate this nation despite its double talk deceitful superficial expression of concern. The American demand and insistence to halt air raids against vital terrorist targets and the subsequent terrorist attack on the Katunayake airport encouraged by the American action, the zero support given to counter the terrorist attempt to capture Jaffana in May 2000, and a recent claim by a terrorist leader in Canada that neither America nor Canada has freezed their funds, are fine examples of American duplicity. How can a nation claiming as the leader committed to eradicate terrorism from the face of this earth could indirectly help the world's ruthless terrorist gang which accounts for the highest number of suicide bombs, and murder of a President, a foreign Prime Minister and many other prominent politicians, let alone the religious dignitaries and innocent people.


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