The Sure Hand Of Justice Descends On Prabhakaran!

Nandimithra - For LankaWeb

Who says apprehending Velupillai Prabhakaran will be tough?And getting him to serve his sentencing would not be possible? Casting aside the overrated mystique attributed to him and bearing in mind that he is not divine but a mere mortal albeit with the cunning of a fox, now after the inevitable High Court Ruling his days are surely numbered. It will not be the local constabulary that will be going after him but a supercharged contingent of the Sri Lankan Police and Security Forces and the full firepower of the Law Enforcement Authorities with the blessing and backing if necessary of the Indian Forces as well as Interpol.It is also expected that Uncle Sam would cast a watchful eye in the same direction ready to assist if necessary. A single curiosity is however, why the sentence was a life term and not the Death Penalty which the megalomaniac despot richly deserves for his crimes against humanity, the Nation and murders of prominent leaders and Heads of State to name some of the crimes he has been indicted for and deservedly so!

If a shadow has been cast on the second round of Peace Talks currently ongoing in Thailand it has been hanging over the Peace Process for sometime now and the conspicuous absence of Prabhakaran has proved to be the key towards the talks being overshadowed with the foremost consideration which is doubt regarding the sincerities and credibilities of a leaderless LTTE.

The court decision may have come as a surprise to the naive and unsuspecting, especially certain areas of the Foreign News Media but it has been forthcoming for the past two decades of LTTE attrocities spearheaded by Prabhakaran and was a mere matter of time as his options were fast fading into the blue yonder with finances cut off Globally and lets face it ! even a cat is supposed to have nine lives only.

It would be a foolish myth to ever believe that Prabhakaran is or ever was an untouchable Entity as some seem to think and the foremost contributor towards his continued successes and longevity as a ruthless terrorist leader has been the lackadaisical attitude by a succession of Governments towards the imperativeness of the need to apprehend apathetically shown by past Regimes and it is also suspected not without reason that there was an undercurrent of connivance between certain Heads of State and the LTTE leadership resulting in a rather nefarious symbiosis which needlessly prolonged the issue. However it must be acknowledged that the man's sense of discipline towards his own survival has been impeccable for someone with minimal intellectual skills but then so was Adolf Hitler 's and others of similar ilk whose end never justified the means as the case rests!

As Prabhakaran seems to be the ultimate signing authority for the LTTE towards any visualized settlement involving them and the Government of Sri Lanka, the Peace Process appears to have had 'a wrench thrown in the works' as the status bestowed upon their ignominious leaderby his sentencing invalidates his capacity and leaves the rest of the LTTE party in a quandry as to where the Peace Process is headed? The very reluctance of Prabhakaran to participate personally in the Peace Process seems to have negated it at the very inception anyway regardless of the LTTE's second and third in command's token participation which has given the Peace process an appearance of being a comedy of errors.

It seems also to be poetic justice that the ruling has asserted the resolve and the will of the Sri Lankan People represented at the highest level of judicial authority which has finally refused to bend to the intimidation and havoc caused by an individual who was neither beneficial to the State nor his own community and that the sentence has come at a time synonymous with the moves towards peace regardless of its ambiguity and would lend courage and strength to the Administration that at least one roadblock towards the liberation of the oppressed Sinhala Nation and a major one at that appears to be well on the way to being removed.

The Sure Hand Of Justice in Prabhakaran's case has finally descended and it will be a mere matter of time before he is made to realise that crimes against humanity do not pay and have to be atoned for.THE WRITINGS ON THE WALL!






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