Prof. Hudson McLean

It is not a friendly little kitty cat or a domesticated face of a warm friendly pet. The evil vicious blood thirsty ferocity is prominantly displayed on the Face of LTTE/TTT (Tamil Tiger Terrorists).

We would think that not even Velupillai Prabhakaran as the striped leader soon to be stripped would have guts to let this kids play with such a face.

The psychopaths who designed the Flag and those who stand beneath the pennant are equally mentally deranged.

Such mentality was aptly displayed when the women Tiger brigades commanded by and trained under Colonel Adele Balasingham, who took innocent Sinhala infants by their legs and smashed their skulls against mud walls.

Today, Adele Balasingham stands side by side with a terrorist husband “His Excellency” Doctor Anton Balasingham, for photo opportunities with a brigand of Viking vultures, trying to carve out Sri Lanka with the aid of a “patriotic” Prime Minister.

To compare a bunch of terrorists with a face of a savage tiger on their rag to the moon, must have given rise on a full moon night. The TTT activity is far better comparable to a dusty sand storm, a great deal of discomfort but only temporary.

There are two points which were on the Sunday Observer of 1st December 2002, which attracted my attention. The smiling faces of Erik Solheim, Thamilchelvam and Colonel Karuna Amman. Any fool will not be mistaken by the claims made by Solheim on his “impartiality”. Picture says more than a thousand words.

The second point I failed to understand was the comment made by the IGP-;

IGP to act on PM's and President's orders
by ANTON NONIS - Sunday Observer 1.12.2002
---- that he will eliminate any police stations and courts anytime, now or even in the future, if they are operating in government controlled areas.

Does this mean that all Banks, Police Stations, Kangaroo Courts operated by LTTE/TTT, the internationally proscribed terrorists on Sri Lanka soil, where government forces have been barred by RanilW government to tread, will be allowed to operate on Sri Lankan soil, although they are considered totally illegal according to any legal standard?

Has RanilW already carved out the Island as a part and parcel of his secret pact with the LTTE/TTT?

Are we to understand that both the President and the Prime Minister are now cosing underneath the same blanket with Prabhakaran?

Does this mean that the Muslims may now carve out a piece of real estate and declare themselves outside the government control?

The Indian tea plantation workers may too follow suit?

And perhaps, RanilW may declare himself Prime Minister for life and declare Temple Trees as his personal pride and joy?

Sounds very silly, but this is Silly Lanka!

It is apparent that the LTTE/TTT are calling all the shots. A democratically elected government of a Sovereign State, being told by a bunch of terrorists that, the government cannot be trusted. Whilst we agree that there is some truth in this statement, has RanilW got any pride or self-esteem?

-----"Western nations which have outlawed the Tigers are unable to give money directly to any body that includes the guerrillas, while the rebels themselves have been reluctant to see the Colombo government hold the purse strings.”

Hopefully the dust storm will settle after a General Election and all the barking dogs will be sent to a Dog Pound as an interim solution and if there are no takers, would be put to sleep, along with the evil Tigers sporting the flag.


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